Saturday, May 16, 2009

Loneliness :(

Suddenly I feel like an orphan. I find myself watching the people laughing and playing with all merriness with their family and friends. I go and sit quietly between my mom and my sister, yet i don't have a sense of belonging. Suddenly I feel that I belong to no one.I feel that I am left out from the biggest crowd that I have been thinking, are my friends. Suddenly I feel that everybody has somebody or other. I have no one to turn to, nor call upon. Suddenly I discover that the persons whom I thought, as my near and dear ones, has gone far away from me, to a point of no return. Suddenly I find myself sitting alone, not picking up any calls and crying quietly for no reasons. Places which were very familiar look strange. People with whom I was comfortable with look like strangers. Is it what I call as a feeling of Loneliness?

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