Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Two Tremors That Shook Me

I was watching TV after my dinner before going to bed. My mother in law was so fond of her everyday soaps, that she was flipping channels everytime there was an advertisement on one channel or the other. She watch three soaps at a time in half an hour. I was so bored that I walked out of the hall to my bedroom and was about to lie down. I felt that some one pushed me from behind. I thought that it was due to tiredness. After a few seconds, I could sense commotion on the streets. I realized that it was a tremor only after my husband, who was relaxing in the sit out, ran towards bedroom to ask me whether I felt it. And the earthquake was in Gujarat in the year of 2001.

Today, April 11,2012 at 2.13, noon, my chair started rocking me and I felt I was in a trance. The rocking lasted till 2.16pm. That was quite an experience to sit on the chair that was rocking continuously and to watch the water inside the bottle on my table, vibrating. Though everybody in our office experienced this, we didnt bother to run outside. Our office is in the third floor. Later we saw, through the glass window, that all the employees of other offices were standing outside on the road. Hopefully people in Indonesia are safe and devastation is minimal.

Luv u all