Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Freelancer's Feedback

Are you looking for a trustworthy, sincere freelancer,who can help you complete your work sooner than you anticipated? The time difference between the places across the globe and the amazing internet technology help us to complete one's work overnight, which would normally take a day's time.

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And am sure, the feedback that i received from my former clients speaks for the quality of my service.

Project Name:Online Research

Client's Name: Karen Waksman

Job: To search for the events within 50 miles of San Francisco, California and put the following details in a excel file.

1) Title of Event
2) Quick description of event
3) website link
4) Date of event
5) Cost of event
6) Contact info for event

Feedback that i received from Karen:
Uma did a great job! I would definitely recommend!

Project Name:Keyword Filtering

Client's Name: Mark Peysha

Job: To search for the relevant keywords using Adwords keyword tool and update the excel file.

Feedback that i received from Mark Peysha:
Uma has some of the best communication skills and professional standards I have seen. Period. Highly recommended.

Do you want to know more about the services that i could render and my clients' feedbacks? Then please visit my website.

Waiting eagerly to help you.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Weekend That Was

Oh! this weekend was great.

Met two new friends who left a lot of impact on me. They were a source of inspiration to look at life differently. Both were introduced to me by couple of my old friends, who are gays. So naturally the first person whom i met is a gay and another is a trans gender.

The first person, Mr.Ram, is a research scientist, who is researching on clinical assessment of HIV affected persons. He calmly explained to me the three categories of HIV affected persons. The first category are those who are infected through the clinical treatments, second who are infected through blood transfusion and the third are those who fall under sexual transmission category.I developed great respect for him when he was talking about his work and the research.

The second person was Miss.Olga, the trans gender. Oh, she was with full of energy, after a hard day's work as a social worker in a very popular Consulting Agency. She started her career in a highly reputed Hospital as a consultant for AIDs patients, after her Post Graduation on Psychology. I felt very proud when she said that she gets lot of job satisfaction and peace when she look at those poor infected souls' face lightening up when they get little help from her and her agency.She is into this social work for the past 7years.

After a brief introduction and chitchat, we decided to have some coffee in the wayside restaurant in the Marina Beach. We were all walking on the sands towards the restaurant. I heard cat calls from all around the place. I was perturbed by those nasty comments about the appearance and the walking style of my friends.Though my companions were not disturbed, I was. Perhaps they were all used to these things in public. I do not understand the behavior of those people, who were throwing nasty comments at my friends.

Why should people look at my friends differently? How could they justify their cat calls at my friends? They don't know anything about my friends to make any comments about them. When would society learn to accept people for what they are and treat everybody alike? No one has any right to make fun of others. Let them first look at themselves and find out whether they are all making best use of whatever they have to improve the life of the fellow human beings who are in distress.

I love you, my friends and i hate you, people who fails to understand the feelings of others.

*for those who read my previous post "Fear of Aging" - Ram asked me whether am a student of any college. LOL.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fear of Aging

I, suddenly realize that my skin is not looking as smooth as it used to be a year ago. I look at the surface of my skin keenly, only to see the small wrinkles appearing over it, between the tiny hairs. I look at the mirror and find that my hairs has started turning Grey. Am I aging? I feel sad for a moment and think deeply.

I was so proud of my smooth brown skin. I apply oil every day and keep them moist during the spring season. I use sunscreen lotion during every summer to save my skin from the sunlight. I heard from the elders, that applying peeled potato over the skin, will give the skin all the refreshment it need. Alas, I did that too. All went in vain. Should I have to imagine that the lotions and the natural vegetables that I use are the wrong choices? Or the nature is superior to all my efforts?

Not just my skin that indicates that am aging. The difference in my surroundings also tells the same. I notice that the kids whom I saw playing in the PS2, for the past 4 years, have started browsing the Internet. They lost interest in their favorite games of wrestling, shooting and adventure. They are more interested in looking at new things in life. And it is everybody’s guess what would their interest be. So I am aging. In other words, I am growing old.

I also realize that I don’t attract as many opposite sex as I used to. Of course the men look at me, when I look at them. They do stare at me, whenever I look at them. Does that mean that I still have the sexual appeal? Do I still look younger for my age? Do I still look good? Or do men look at every woman in the same way irrespective of the woman’s sexual appeal, skin and the appearance?

Does heart matters here? I mean, YOUNG at HEART matters here? Why am I so bothered about aging? Am I so worried that my physical appearance might shake the confidence in me? Does physical appearance matters to lead a successful life? Does it bother my close friends and family members as much as it is bothering me?

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Friday, April 24, 2009

When will the fear psychosis for the teacher end?

After reading the news in THE HINDU of a child’s death in Delhi due to corporal punishment, i am anguished and alarmed. This reminds me of my Tamil Teacher, whose name i do not want to disclose here, of Sarah Tucker Girls Higher Secondary School,Tirunelveli, way back in 1978-1979.I was a new comer of standard 6.She made sure that her student get pass mark,by beating them at the back of their fingers, right on the small and soft joints, beating them on their head and by making them kneel down at the back of the class for the whole hour until the end of that particular period.

Having studied in a Matriculation School till 5th Std, which had the option of choosing Hindi as my Second Language, i found it very hard to follow the Tamil language for the first time in my life. I was so scared of the Teacher and her beatings, that i struggled hard to get the pass mark in her subject every time. Every student of my class was very happy when the school declared that she will not teach Tamil next year, when we sat for the 7th Standard. Luckily she was not appointed as a Tamil Teacher until i finished the 8th Standard. And then came the 9th and 10th Standards, the so called High School Category. We had a very good, jovial, fun loving person as our Tamil Teacher. We looked forward to every Tamil period. We enjoyed her teaching. The way she made fun of the characters in every story in the syllabus, the way she explained the nuances of the Tamil language and the Literature, made us to score good marks,compared to other Sections, for whom the Medium of teaching was Tamil.Section A, my section, was the only English Medium class. There were many sections, from Section A to D (I guess there was till Section J, my memory is not helping me here, i beg your pardon for that).

I am narrating this incidents to convey that the teachers should be trained, motivated, educated by the Education Department as well as the School higher authorities to handle the different level of students. Nothing can revert the life of Shanno’s parents and her school mates, now that they have lost her, due to an arrogant and wild approach of a grown up person, who is known as “Teacher” in our society.

Anguised and Alarmed - Uma
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