Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Needed You, But .....

Darling, do you remember our last Valentines Day celebration in the year 2004? You surprised me by sending me a flower bouquet full of roses and lilies tied neatly with a golden color band attached with a note written in blue colour, my favourite colour, "I LOVE YOU". We met in the evening after our work and went to beach. You carried me down to the water and put me down to feel the cool water touching my heals and rushing back. We played on the sands building castles.You weren't bothered about others watching us playing with the water. But i was. I needed you to be here with me to celebrate this year's Valentines Day as well as those years that has passed. But you weren't here with me. :(

The other day i was waiting for the bus in the night to go back to home. I found myself standing alone in the bus stop. Saw a shabby man, who was approaching me. I started walking along the road, trying to walk away from him. The faster my pace, the faster was his too. I started running in the darkness. I could hear him running behind me, chasing me all the way on the road. I was shocked to see that the man caught hold of me and i turned around to see his face. I couldn't recognize him. Because it was dark and i was lying on my bed trying to figure out the things in my room in the darkness. I needed you to hold me and sleep that night. But you were not there with me. :(

The other day I was running among a crowd in a chaos. Everyone was running past me, as though something wild is chasing them. I was trying my best to run faster, but i couldn't. My legs didn't budge, in spite of my every effort to pull them to move every step ahead. Tears ran down my cheeks exposing my helplessness. I woke up to find my pillow wet. I needed you to hold me and console me. But you weren't there with me.

Two nights back my mom was about to sit on my brother's bike. My brother started the bike and moved on, thinking that my mom has sat behind. Later my mom called him to say that she is yet to sit behind. He waited for my mom. My mom walked towards the bike and tried to sit. My brother did the same again. This time mom was tired and stood still. Suddenly the bike broke into two pieces, each pieces running on one wheel. The frontal fuel tank portion was running ahead with my nephew seated on his front small seat. The back portion was running behind the front one, my brother seated on the it. We were all shocked to see my mom hit by a vehicle, which i couldn't remember, and lying motionless on the road. I ran towards my mom, picked her up and was shocked to see her lying unconscious.I shook her violently calling out for help. She started breathing and opened her eyes. It was so dark that i had to blink my eyes many times to realize that i was lying on the bed and tears running down my cheeks. I needed you to hug me tight to calm me down. But you weren't there with me.

Luv u all
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