Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Let me feel your heartbeat!!

The little daughter of one of my best friends, a third standard student, who is studying in a highly reputed school in Chennai, was talking about her day at school yesterday evening, with my friend, a home maker.

The girl - Mom, we had a nice time playing Kho-Kho at school today.

My friend - Great! Did anything interesting happen?

The girl - I ran speedily. I was panting heavily when I came and stood next to my physical education master.

My friend - Running speedily increases blood circulation in your body. But please take care that you don't fall and hurt yourself.

The girl - My master kept his palm in my chest and said that he could feel my heart beat.

I and my friend skipped a heart beat for a second.

My friend looked at her daughter in her eyes and asked,"Was there any medical examination in the school today?"

The little one looked back and said,"No, Mom. He just wanted to FEEL my heart beat."

My friend struggled to appear calm. She took her daughter's hand and asked," Don't you remember, dear, that I have asked you to not to allow anybody to touch you?"

The girl innocently replied,"But he is my Master. He touched right in the middle, here (she pointed between her breasts) and told me that he wanted to feel my heartbeat."

My friend took the hand of the little girl and placed it where she pointed and asked her,"Now tell me dear, where does your palm touches?" The little girl showed her breast innocently.

My friend said, "This is how people would talk when they want to touch there". God knows what was going on inside that little girl's mind. She was quiet for some time and appeared that she was thinking something. I was pained by the expression on her face. Was she thinking that she was cheated by her Master? Was she thinking that she was treated badly by her Master? What was the little soul thinking?

My friend asked her little daughter again,"Did he touch you anywhere else?".

She replied,"No".

My friend asked,"Has he ever asked you to go inside an empty classroom?"

She replied,"Yes, he once asked me to go inside an empty class room to write a report on the game that we played".

Both my friend and myself were alarmed. My friend asked,"Did he come with you inside the classroom?"

She replied,"No, he didn't".

My friend instructed her little daughter, once again, to not to allow anybody to touch her body. And that if the Master touches her again, she should promptly report it to her class teacher. And that if the Master ask her to go inside an empty class room, then she should take two of her friends along with her.

Talking to the class teacher about this incident today morning, revealed that there were already complaints from parents of two more children, on the misconduct of the Master. The teacher promised that she would talk to her higher authorities and take necessary action.

I only believe that proper action is taken against him, either to save the children from him or to make him a better person.

Are our daughters safe in school? I doubt. I am worried.

Please give your girl children clear instructions to not to allow anybody to touch their body and that they should immediately report, if they are touched, to either their parents or class teachers.

Luv u all