Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Be Aware...Tigers covered in Cow Skins roaming in World Wide Web

I won't be surprised if this blog get into controversial discussion about adult chat sites. I am a well experienced chatter in net for almost 20 years now. I used to be mad at chatting for hours, at office, home and in net cafes, spending hours and money those days. Of course with advancement of internet and many service providers coming into existence the use of net has become easier and cheaper. We started doing many things in net easily these days sitting at our desk, and even on the move either from our laptop or many other devices like mobiles etc.,

There are so many social websites for the chatters these days and its easy to log into one of those sites and keep chatting with strangers. We make friends online and meet some of them in real life too. We go through good and bad experiences in the process. The experiences we undergo sharpens our knowledge, so we don't repeat the mistake again.

We do try to flirt at times some out of curiosity and some other due to their needs.

Now let me share my personal experience of using many of such sites.I don't want to name them here. Almost all those sites, without any exception, originated from Western countries to exploit people. Its not only the organizers of the sites who do this but also the users of these websites.

The so called friendship websites keep you sending many emails, once you are registered, setting a trap for you, to become premium (upgrade) members by paying money. While upgrading there is always a catch that they give short term period membership for 3 days etc., and with automatic up-gradation at the end of the 3rd day. And if you forget to cancel the membership you end up with repeated billing. Many a times the cancellation is so difficult that you end up paying for 30 days or 3 months depending on which site you have become a member. Important point to note here is the moment you became a premium member, you would find the mails hitherto flooding your inbox, is almost stopped and no one inviting you for chat.

If and when you get a friend from opposite sex (whether the site is paid member site or free site), particularly this happens to weak minded men, who is looking to flirt, you would find majority of the female chatters use number of ways to extract money, as their extra earnings. Some even open bank account and ask you to deposit. Though on the surface it would look genuine, you would find yourself loosing considerable amount of money in the due course. I had all sorts of experience from loosing few thousands to few lakhs, along with my mental peace.

So be aware of all those who are chatting regularly, and using social network websites Do not fall into trap set by the website organizers or the cheating users.

( friend of Uma)