Saturday, September 5, 2009

Is Commitment Love?

When my friend said that he is committed to his wife,i asked him the meaning of his sentence. He said that he cant accommodate anybody else in his life other than his wife.

I said, "Do you mean to say that you can't love anybody else other than your wife?". He was quiet for a long time. I even forgot the question that i put to him half an hour earlier.

He asked me, "Why are you confusing Love with Commitment?". I looked at him questioningly. He said, "Love and Commitment are different. It is not necessary that I should love the person whom I am committed to". I was even more puzzled.

He said, "Commitment is fulfilling my responsibilities irrespective of the love I have for them. Loving is that 'extra touch', that i give them when they are in need of me."

I said," It is NOT possible. You cant do justice to LOVE and COMMITMENT by that way. You might get a call from the LOVE as well as COMMITMENT, at the same time. Which one would you choose?. You could only be with either your LOVE or COMMITMENT. So, COMMITMENT will win and LOVE will have to sacrifice. Don't you agree with me?"

I hope you guys will agree with me.

Have a rocking weekend either with your LOVE or COMMITMENT. :)

Luv u all
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