Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Have A Crush On You

Hey handsome, hope you are doing well. Do you remember our last meeting? You were sitting next to me and sharing your dreams with me. I was listening to you calmly. You,later wondered whether i fell asleep with my eyes wide open. lol.

I was admiring your calmness and the hope you have in your life, after the serious mishap, as well as a breakup you had with your girl friend. I was admiring the dreams in your eyes and hope in your words, while you were building your dream castle, sitting next to me relaxingly. I was admiring the batting of your eyelids while you were sharing your dreams with me. I was admiring the movements of your hands weaving your dream castle on the air. I was admiring the fast and eager movements of your dreamy eyes when you were explaining the arrangement of things all over your dream home. I was admiring your square shoulders trying to reach out to the trees in your dream garden. I was admiring your fingers and the neatly cut nails while you were attending the call that intruded in your dreamy interlude.

I was holding myself from touching your hairy forearms and playing with the hairs. I was holding myself from feeling your lips, that were struggling to stay together while you were sharing your dreams with me. I was admiring your gym toned strong thighs that was resting on the chair and your leg that was stretched out on a stool. I was holding myself from reaching out to your thighs and resting my head on it. I was holding myself from leaning on those strong shoulders. I was holding myself from taking your fingers and admiring your rosy nails. I was holding myself from reaching out to your hands and taking the wide palms to my cheeks. I held my breath when i saw the hairs on your chest while you bent down to pick up the bike's key that you dropped. My heart skipped a beat and i forgot to take the air into my lungs when you came near to me, to pick up your helmet from the next seat of mine. My eyes didn't blink while i watched you walking towards your bike after bidding bye to me. I was holding myself from running behind you and hugging your rectangular shaped upper body. Your smell still lingers around me and in my thoughts.

I know that i am going to have long nights. And its definitely going to take many nights to get back my lost peace as well as my sleep.

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