Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Wanna Hug You

"Hey, I need a tight hug from you"

I know this sounds familiar to my friends. Because i ask them to hug me whenever i feel low and let down. Do you wonder what difference does it make? Come to me, when you feel low. I will show you the difference.

Arms would wrap around you, hold you tight. You would be let to rest your head on my shoulder. You would forget all the worries. You would just feel secured. Stay there for just five minutes, closing your eyes and feeling the warmth of my friendship. You would gain the confidence back and will get the strength to take the world again.

I love working with people and being in touch with them. I love building relationships, which would be mutually beneficial.

I hope every acquaintance of mine know my workplace. I came across this new project, which was very interesting to me. It was my kind. And it was about spreading love by hugging 10 people in return, when you get a hug from one person.I didn't get a chance to work with these nice people. I was so impressed with this video, that i have added this in my Orkut community "Love, Loyalty and Commitment"

I am sure, you too, would love this video. I am dreaming of a world, where everyone would love every other person,where there would be no hatred, no selfishness, no cruelty. May God bless us with a peaceful life.

Hugs to you all :)

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