Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Phil, I Miss You

Hey Philip, do you remember my last Birthday? I still remember the evening of September 20,2008. You and Teja gave me a surprise. I was so happy seeing you guys walking inside my Cafe, with a cake and the lighted candles over the cake.

You made me to sit on your lap. You played my Daddy. Brian joined the Birthday Bash. Kamesh joined later. Do you remember that Mithun was also there?

You guys sang the Birthday Song, danced, played with the cake, did the hairdo for me. You were playing the hairstylist as well as the Makeup Man.

Teja wanted to do the MakeUp to you.

Mithun didn't expect you guys to throw a party that day. He was stunned to look at me dancing, singing and playing with you guys. Did i tell you the comment he passed the next day to Pradeep? Mithun said, that i was ready for everything with that young crowd.LOL. Am i not an youngster?

The last and the tenth kick you gave me was really fun. LOL. It did make me to loose my balance.

I am so happy to have got you guys as my friends.

Phil, do you remember the ride, back from the beach to my home, in your bike? We were trying to use the self service, for the first time, in the gas station. Guys, who came there to fill gas, said that we both looked like South Africans.LOL.You made me to enjoy each and every moment of that day.Thank you very much for being my friend.

I am sad that we, friends, didn't find time to spend together after the second party you threw in Bike n Barrel the weekend after my Birthday.

But you don't find much time for me now. I understand that you would be busy during the night with your work and would be taking rest during day time. But i do miss you and the time we spent together. I miss you my friend.

Luv u all
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  1. well Uma, itz really a touching story of u & ur friendz. itz very rare 2 find out friendz like u yaa. im g8ful & thankful for having u as my friend. keep gng & have more such funz in near future. my best wishez & regardz - SRN.

  2. Ravi, Thank you very much for the comment.Wish everyone has good friends and live in peace and harmony.