Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Love My Body

My day ends at 12.00 every night. But i do make it a point to get up at 5.15am every alternate day to jog for minimum 45minutes and then do the stretching exercises with a bit of yoga. And i never forget to look at the mirror every night, after my bath, to make a note of the reduction in the extra muscles that were there in the hip. I also make it a point to feel my smooth and shapely legs, much to the envy of my younger sister, who has grown fat after the birth of her first child, my niece, Shruti.I try to spend an hour every weekend to do manicure and pedicure. That way i can polish my nails to hide the cuts in the toe nails. LOL. I spend an hour every 15days to colour my hair. Do you think that i colour my hair to hide the grey hairs? You are right.LOL.

Flattered when my friend, Ram, asked me, "Uma, Are you a student?", when we first met. I said,"excuse me". He said,"In which college are you studying?". I was very happy, jumping from ground to sky in my thoughts. Philip, my friend who was sitting next to Ram, couldn't help laughing out loud making faces at me. And i was stunned when a customer said,"Uma, you are just 30year old. You should be a 42year old to understand the pain in my knees". Felt proud,when one of the guy, who was walking in the street, said "wow", when i opened the front gate of my home to go out to jog. And a friend whom i met after many years told me, "Years passes and we people grow older. Years passes, but you keep growing younger. What is the secret?".Guys who were after me, 6years back, are still after me. I could see my friends smiling at this sentence. Guys, wont you agree with me?. Love you all because i know that you guys love me too.

Luv u all
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