Monday, May 25, 2009

I Love You

Just can't stop loving those moments.

The moments that we spent together on the beach. The moments that we spent walking hand in hand along the shore, talking sweet nothings. The moments that we ran for a cover when it started raining and found ourselves fully drenched when we reached the bus stop near the road. But we still squeezed ourselves inside the crowd to stand near to each other to feel our warmth. The moments that we giggled for no reasons, when the wind blew to make us feel more cold. Do you remember that we were painting the town red walking in a single umbrella when it was raining cats and dogs? Do you remember the moments that we lied on the sands of the beach in the night, watching the stars and the moon? Do you remember the moments that we were marveling at the sight of the reflection of the moon in the waves and discussing about mercury on water? Do you remember the moments that we spent sitting on the beach on a sunny day holding an umbrella to protect us from the sunlight? Sounds crazy now :). Do you remember the private moments that we spent on an escalator? Oh yes, i do remember that first kiss that you gave me. We were left alone inside the lift and you stole the chance to hug me and kiss me on my cheeks and said that you love me. Do you remember the nights that you used to hold me from boarding the bus until i run to catch my last bus to home? Though we are not in touch now, i just cant stop loving those moments that we spent together. I Love You.

Yours Lovingly