Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Be Aware...Tigers covered in Cow Skins roaming in World Wide Web

I won't be surprised if this blog get into controversial discussion about adult chat sites. I am a well experienced chatter in net for almost 20 years now. I used to be mad at chatting for hours, at office, home and in net cafes, spending hours and money those days. Of course with advancement of internet and many service providers coming into existence the use of net has become easier and cheaper. We started doing many things in net easily these days sitting at our desk, and even on the move either from our laptop or many other devices like mobiles etc.,

There are so many social websites for the chatters these days and its easy to log into one of those sites and keep chatting with strangers. We make friends online and meet some of them in real life too. We go through good and bad experiences in the process. The experiences we undergo sharpens our knowledge, so we don't repeat the mistake again.

We do try to flirt at times some out of curiosity and some other due to their needs.

Now let me share my personal experience of using many of such sites.I don't want to name them here. Almost all those sites, without any exception, originated from Western countries to exploit people. Its not only the organizers of the sites who do this but also the users of these websites.

The so called friendship websites keep you sending many emails, once you are registered, setting a trap for you, to become premium (upgrade) members by paying money. While upgrading there is always a catch that they give short term period membership for 3 days etc., and with automatic up-gradation at the end of the 3rd day. And if you forget to cancel the membership you end up with repeated billing. Many a times the cancellation is so difficult that you end up paying for 30 days or 3 months depending on which site you have become a member. Important point to note here is the moment you became a premium member, you would find the mails hitherto flooding your inbox, is almost stopped and no one inviting you for chat.

If and when you get a friend from opposite sex (whether the site is paid member site or free site), particularly this happens to weak minded men, who is looking to flirt, you would find majority of the female chatters use number of ways to extract money, as their extra earnings. Some even open bank account and ask you to deposit. Though on the surface it would look genuine, you would find yourself loosing considerable amount of money in the due course. I had all sorts of experience from loosing few thousands to few lakhs, along with my mental peace.

So be aware of all those who are chatting regularly, and using social network websites Do not fall into trap set by the website organizers or the cheating users.

( friend of Uma)

Friday, June 22, 2012

My First Love

It was a strange as well as wonderful feeling, I felt, for the first time in my life in the year 1978. I was studying my 4th year Mechanical Engineering ( 5 years degree course in those days).

A Keralite couple with a baby, was living opposite to our house in the police quarters. Guests visit them very frequently. Either the gentleman's mother or the lady's sister used to stay in the house to help the lady tending to her new born baby.

The lady had two younger sisters. The elder was a graduate and the younger was studying in school. I never knew that the elder of the two sisters had a crush on me, until one fine morning she gave me this strange and sweet feeling. 

I used to sleep on the small veranda at the entrance, due to high humidity inside the house. I also didn't want to be disturbed by the early morning noise from the kitchen.Ours was a Mangalore tiled row of houses. Six in a row. The other row was facing ours which had 6 houses too. 

As usual, I woke up, hearing the water splashing in front of the house. It is an Indian custom for the womenfolks to clean the floor in front of their house and draw Rangoli every morning. 

I folded the mat and picked up the pillow to go inside. A pen that was there at the entrance of the verandah caught my eye. I was wondering whose pen was that. I was curious to find out the type of pen. So I opened the pen cap and found that it was a fountain pen. I was confused, because the nib was missing. I found a small piece of paper at the ink compartment of that fountain pen.

I pulled out the paper and tried to figure out that was scribbled on it. It took a few seconds for me to realize that it was a love note written to me. Just then, I saw some one closing the main door of the opposite house. I had enough time to figure out that, that was the elder of two sisters who closed the door. I could easily conclude that, it was she who found this novel way of expressing her love to me.

I could sense, for the first time in my life, different kind of feelings and vibrations all over my body. Many dramatic sequences followed after this first expression of love, by that girl, which I would share it with you, in my next blog.

Until then, take care. Happy weekend to you all.

Vijayan ( friend of Uma, Co-writer)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My First Encounter with Death

This happened when I was about 4 years old. I write this from my vague memory.

Its a police quarters where we lived from 1960? to till I was sent out by my father one day after I started working, soon after my graduation as a Mechanical Engineer.

This was the place which molded me into a Man - teaching me good and bad things of life. Its heart of today's Chennai, Kilpauk, one of the oldest Police Colonies where families of policemen stay and it is called Lotus Garden Police Quarters. The Colony, I guess, was named after the pond that was there, where lotus flowers grew.

My mother was washing clothes near a water sump (open) those days. It was a common practice for the people to come there to wash clothes and dry it next to the sump, where many trees where grown around. My mother was deaf and unless you speak loudly she would not be able to hear.

As a Child, I was curious to play in water when she was doing her work. I was the only child at that time. Sister and Brother were born later. I was playing splashing water around, from the sump. My mother was engrossed with her work facing the other side. Suddenly I fell into the sump. The sump was so deep that I was getting drowned. I do not remember what really went in my mind as I was too young. I struggled to come up twice trying my way up, but in vain. It only took me deep down inside. My mother should have seen the water splashing outside from the sump when I tried for the third time to come up. She pulled my hand and dragged me out as soon as she saw my hands from the water. First aid was given to me and people assembled to watch me. Today I am alive to write my first blog ( though my blog for poems is a separate one in tamil ) at the age of 55.

Had my mother not turned back and saw my hands that day in that split second, I wouldn't have survived to share my experience with you. That was my first encounter with death. Water has always been associated with my life.

More to come. Stay tuned.
Vijayan ( friend of Uma, Co-writer)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Two Tremors That Shook Me

I was watching TV after my dinner before going to bed. My mother in law was so fond of her everyday soaps, that she was flipping channels everytime there was an advertisement on one channel or the other. She watch three soaps at a time in half an hour. I was so bored that I walked out of the hall to my bedroom and was about to lie down. I felt that some one pushed me from behind. I thought that it was due to tiredness. After a few seconds, I could sense commotion on the streets. I realized that it was a tremor only after my husband, who was relaxing in the sit out, ran towards bedroom to ask me whether I felt it. And the earthquake was in Gujarat in the year of 2001.

Today, April 11,2012 at 2.13, noon, my chair started rocking me and I felt I was in a trance. The rocking lasted till 2.16pm. That was quite an experience to sit on the chair that was rocking continuously and to watch the water inside the bottle on my table, vibrating. Though everybody in our office experienced this, we didnt bother to run outside. Our office is in the third floor. Later we saw, through the glass window, that all the employees of other offices were standing outside on the road. Hopefully people in Indonesia are safe and devastation is minimal.

Luv u all

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The More You Give, the More They Want

Yesterday morning while I was travelling from Chromepet to Guindy by the suburban train, I saw an aged woman sitting opposite to me with a smile on her face. She looked fresh and cheerful in spite of her age and a frail figure. A middle aged woman came near to the old lady and waved her hand at the old woman, to move and let her some space to sit. Its a very common practice among the lady commuters to look for some space at the end of the 3-seated bench to rest their back for some time after toiling in the kitchen at home in the morning. The aged woman was very happy to move and let the middle aged woman to sit.This middle aged woman was wearing a pink saree, so lets call her "Pinky", hereafter.

Its quite common among women folks to have their breakfast on their way to work, whichever modes of transport they use. Some of the office going young girls, make it a point to carry their kitty bags along with them to apply make up, tie their hair etc etc. Some religious minded women sing devotional songs together. Some read slokas aloud.

After settling herself, Pinky opened her food box.The contents fell on to her lap and left stains on her pink color saree. The older woman felt sorry for Pinky. She turned towards the young girl who was sitting next to her and asked her to lend a paper. The girl immediately tore a paper from the long size notebook that she was carrying and gave it to Pinky. There was no 'Thanks' from Pinky. She tore a piece of paper from the corner of the long size sheet and wiped the dots from her saree, spread the sheet and had her breakfast without any disturbance. I could sense Pinky's satisfaction on her face after she emptied the food box. 

Pinky turned towards the aged woman and asked her whether she had water. The aged woman opened her bag and pulled out a bottle of water and said,"Hot Water" and was about to put it back inside her lunch bag. Pinky said,"Can I have some water?". The lady had no other option than to hand over the water bottle to Pinky. Pinky drank some water and poured some water on her hands into the food box to wash her hands. Half of the bottle is empty now. The old woman watched this, but didn't utter a word except a smile. She should have seen more people like Pinky in her life time. Believe me, I felt bad for the old lady and angry at Pinky. Pinky returned the water bottle to the old lady. No 'Thanks' this time too.

I was wondering how can Pinky expect some one else to carry water for her. Isn't it her responsibility to bring water to drink and wash her hands, when she decided to have her breakfast in a public place? I guess Pinky read my mind. She told to the other person who was sitting opposite to her,"There is enough water in our office. So, I don't take the pain to carry it along with my other bags."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day Wishes to all my Lovers

Some of my Valentines

Let us love every soul that we come across. Wishing all the readers of my Blog to have a love filled and peaceful life.

Luv u all

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Facebook in my Freelance Profession

Yes. That's right. Facebook helped me in a particular task that was pending for more than two weeks. I guess you know, posting ads in Craigslist need phone verification to complete the process of account creation. My client Nick received many Business calls for his ads on Apartment Listings in California in Craigslist. So, we decided to have more than one account to post our ads in different categories in the Craigslist classified.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bedtime Stories

My 4year old niece love to hear stories before going to sleep. She love flying Kites. So I made up a Kite story.

There lived a little boy, with his parents in a village. He love Kite flying. One windy afternoon, the boy stood on top of a hill and flew his Kite. The wind was so strong that the Kite pulled the boy up above the sky. The little boy enjoyed his flight with the Kite. The sun started setting in slowly and the wind started blowing slowly. The Kite landed in a dark place surrounded by trees and bushes. The boy started crying. After a while, there came a Dragon that offered to help him to reach his parents. The dragon carried the boy and his Kite on its back and dropped him in his house safely. The boy ran to his parents and the dragon returned to its home. The boy and the parents lived happily ever after.

My niece smiled at me. She asked,"Sis*, where has all the dinosaurs and dragons that lived earlier has gone now?"

Friday, January 6, 2012

Everyday Musings

Yesterday morning, after I boarded the 8.40am train in Pallavaram, a beggar hopped into the ladies' compartment. His face was unshaven and was wearing a faded white Kurta and Pyjama. The train started moving. He looked down, closed his eyes and muttered, "Ya!Allah". 

He started singing, stretching his palm for alms, "கேளுங்கள் தரப்படும். தட்டுங்கள் திறக்கப்படும் வேறென்ன கிடைக்கும் என்றார் இயேசு வேறென்ன கிடைக்கும் என்றார்"