Monday, January 9, 2012

Bedtime Stories

My 4year old niece love to hear stories before going to sleep. She love flying Kites. So I made up a Kite story.

There lived a little boy, with his parents in a village. He love Kite flying. One windy afternoon, the boy stood on top of a hill and flew his Kite. The wind was so strong that the Kite pulled the boy up above the sky. The little boy enjoyed his flight with the Kite. The sun started setting in slowly and the wind started blowing slowly. The Kite landed in a dark place surrounded by trees and bushes. The boy started crying. After a while, there came a Dragon that offered to help him to reach his parents. The dragon carried the boy and his Kite on its back and dropped him in his house safely. The boy ran to his parents and the dragon returned to its home. The boy and the parents lived happily ever after.

My niece smiled at me. She asked,"Sis*, where has all the dinosaurs and dragons that lived earlier has gone now?"

I said, "Those creatures have perished in the earthquake."

She asked me,"Will the earthquake come again?"

I said,"May be."

She asked me,"Will we go below the mud?"

I said," If the earth quake comes, then we will"

There was an eerie silence. I turned towards her. Her eyes were wet and she was sobbing. I felt very sorry for having made her cry by telling something odd at the time of sleeping. I quickly have to say something to make her happy.

I said,"Earthquake comes only once in a billion years. And It will not come to Chennai, where we are staying. So you don't have to be afraid of it"

She asked me twice, whether I am sure that earthquake will not come to Chennai. After making herself sure that earthquake will not come to Chennai, she held my hand in her tiny palms and went to sleep.

That was the day I learnt what kind of bedtime stories must not be told to little children.

* She call me "sis", because my sister calls me so.

Luv u all