Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Facebook in my Freelance Profession

Yes. That's right. Facebook helped me in a particular task that was pending for more than two weeks. I guess you know, posting ads in Craigslist need phone verification to complete the process of account creation. My client Nick received many Business calls for his ads on Apartment Listings in California in Craigslist. So, we decided to have more than one account to post our ads in different categories in the Craigslist classified.

We were trying to complete the phone verification process, for another account using the same phone number that we were using for our earlier account, after the stipulated period of 90days. But for some reasons, we were not able to complete it. I decided to get the help of my Facebook friends that lives in US or Canada. I posted my request on my Wall. And I got prompt responses from two of my other Clients. And I was able to complete the verification process for two accounts.

Take a look at my post and their replies:

Facebook kept me cheered up, once again.

Luv u all