Friday, October 24, 2014

The Best and Amazing Architect!

On a sunny morning, while I went to my backyard to dry my clothes, I saw a spider busy building its home inside the well. It was very interesting to see how fast it moved from the wall and pipes to the centre of the web to get the support from them to hang in there. LOL.

The Sun started shinning right on its web as the day passed on. I came back to take a photograph of the shinning web but I saw that it has changed the place of its home.

But during this rainy season, for reasons unknown, I found that it kept spinning its web in the same place and in the same fashion every time a heavy wind or a rainfall broke its web.

Take a look at this busy bee at work. What an amazing architect!

Luv u all

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

You Reap What You Sow!

My personal experiences has made me to believe that I have received whatever I have given. Good and Bad.

I have had many good as well as good-bad friends. No, I don't want to call them as BAD friends. They were GOOD-BAD friends. Because they returned all those bad deeds that I gave to some one at some point in my life.

Good friends are the ones who give good to us and receive good from us. 

Its an enlightening experience to analyze our friendship with those good-bad friends.

I was deceived by them because I deceived somebody who believed in me.
They weren't trustworthy because I cheated somebody who trusted me.
They weren't kind to me because I was unkind to some one who showered their kindness on me.
They didn't love me because I failed to return the love to some one who loved me dearly.
They didn't care for me because I didn't care for some body who looked upon me.

Its like "You Reap What You Sow". If you feel that you have been an angel to everybody but received all negative things from them, then am sure you are lying to yourself. Think about those whom you have shunned. Think about those whom you have ashamed. Think about those whom you have failed to help. Think about those caregivers whom you took for granted.

We have to be true to ourselves. We have to analyze our own actions and behavior honestly, before pointing fingers at some one else. Understanding our own actions and correcting ourselves will give us the salvation.

Sow love and kindness to reap love and kindness. Sow happiness to reap happiness. Trust me if one of your friend didn't return your affection, you will get it in abundance from another friend. So don't stop being kind. If a situation arises for you to be unkind to some one, then the best option is to move away from that situation.

Let us sow love. This world is in need of it.

Luv u all

Image courtesy: By Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot /

Friday, October 10, 2014

Disappointment Turns To Joy!

Have you ever felt disappointed that you didn't get something that you wished for? And later realized that you didn't get it for your own good?

That is what happened to me this morning. While I was waiting for a share auto in pammal, I waved my hands at an auto that was coming towards me. The driver stopped the auto just a few steps away from me. Even before I boarded the auto, girls swarmed it and boarded it. I felt very bad about it. I asked a little girl that whether she can sit on my lap. She replied, "No". The auto rolled on. I felt very bad of this incidence. I was feeling sad that the driver who stopped for me didn't even care to see that I boarded it. I know that he didn't have to. All he needed was passengers, either me or by standers.  If there was no one else, then he might have waited for me to board.

I know that getting an auto at that peak hour, is difficult. So, I have made it a habit to carry working women, working girls, school girls on my lap.

Uma in a share auto 

I saw another auto after a few minutes. Waved my hand. I boarded and I was the last passenger to be seated. After a few distance, there was a girl waiting for a share auto. The driver shouted at us,"Can you girls adjust for that passenger?". No one replied. I said,"Yes". The girl happily traveled on my lap.

I then realized that that was the reason why I couldn't board the previous auto. This girl would have left out if I had gone in the previous auto. Disappointment Turned To Joy in few minutes.


If you have come across these kind of experiences, then please share with me. I would like to listen to you.

Luv u all

Friday, October 3, 2014

Overcoming Shyness

I have always felt shy to take photographs in the public. I don't feel comfortable stopping on the way to take a click on something interesting happening around. The photographs that I have taken so far are from places where no one could see me photographing something outside in the public.

For example: This photograph of a woman with the tattooed hands was taken while I was standing in the train. No body could see my tiny Apple Iphone's camera focusing this woman.

Here is another one that I dared to take in the public, but no body could see me taking this picture. This one was in the train again.

I wrote a blog post two days back with the title The Woman With The Umbrella. And I wished to add a photograph of the Pallavaram Railway Station in the blog post. But I felt very shy to stop on my way to stand some where near the railway station or near the ticket counter or on the over bridge to take a photograph.

I was talking to myself all the way to the station from the subway this morning. I was just saying to myself, "you can do this. All you have to do is to just stop somewhere near the station and take a photograph". 

And I also said,"But people would be staring at me." 

I replied to myself,"It would hardly take a few seconds for you to take it.So give it a try".

I continued,"I feel very shy to do that." 

I said,"Let this be your breaking point. Do it once and you will never miss all the interesting happenings around you that have missed to capture earlier."

I was nearing the over bridge and started to climb. My instinct was pushing me to take the iPhone. It said,"Come on, do it."  I have started trusting my instincts these days. So I took it out of my bag and stopped on the stairs while I was climbing. I could sense the people who was passing by looking at me. I ignored them. I stood in a place from where the platform, the counter and the stairs covered. Captured it and climbed up back. Put my iPhone inside my bag. I felt happy, while I was climbing down the stairs.

I almost passed a middle aged lady struggling to carry a heavy bag up the stairs. I helped her to bring it up the bridge and walked back to the platform. I really really felt good for two reasons.
1. I overcame my shyness. 2. I helped some one today.

How did YOU overcome your shyness?

Luv u all