Friday, October 10, 2014

Disappointment Turns To Joy!

Have you ever felt disappointed that you didn't get something that you wished for? And later realized that you didn't get it for your own good?

That is what happened to me this morning. While I was waiting for a share auto in pammal, I waved my hands at an auto that was coming towards me. The driver stopped the auto just a few steps away from me. Even before I boarded the auto, girls swarmed it and boarded it. I felt very bad about it. I asked a little girl that whether she can sit on my lap. She replied, "No". The auto rolled on. I felt very bad of this incidence. I was feeling sad that the driver who stopped for me didn't even care to see that I boarded it. I know that he didn't have to. All he needed was passengers, either me or by standers.  If there was no one else, then he might have waited for me to board.

I know that getting an auto at that peak hour, is difficult. So, I have made it a habit to carry working women, working girls, school girls on my lap.

Uma in a share auto 

I saw another auto after a few minutes. Waved my hand. I boarded and I was the last passenger to be seated. After a few distance, there was a girl waiting for a share auto. The driver shouted at us,"Can you girls adjust for that passenger?". No one replied. I said,"Yes". The girl happily traveled on my lap.

I then realized that that was the reason why I couldn't board the previous auto. This girl would have left out if I had gone in the previous auto. Disappointment Turned To Joy in few minutes.


If you have come across these kind of experiences, then please share with me. I would like to listen to you.

Luv u all