Wednesday, October 15, 2014

You Reap What You Sow!

My personal experiences has made me to believe that I have received whatever I have given. Good and Bad.

I have had many good as well as good-bad friends. No, I don't want to call them as BAD friends. They were GOOD-BAD friends. Because they returned all those bad deeds that I gave to some one at some point in my life.

Good friends are the ones who give good to us and receive good from us. 

Its an enlightening experience to analyze our friendship with those good-bad friends.

I was deceived by them because I deceived somebody who believed in me.
They weren't trustworthy because I cheated somebody who trusted me.
They weren't kind to me because I was unkind to some one who showered their kindness on me.
They didn't love me because I failed to return the love to some one who loved me dearly.
They didn't care for me because I didn't care for some body who looked upon me.

Its like "You Reap What You Sow". If you feel that you have been an angel to everybody but received all negative things from them, then am sure you are lying to yourself. Think about those whom you have shunned. Think about those whom you have ashamed. Think about those whom you have failed to help. Think about those caregivers whom you took for granted.

We have to be true to ourselves. We have to analyze our own actions and behavior honestly, before pointing fingers at some one else. Understanding our own actions and correcting ourselves will give us the salvation.

Sow love and kindness to reap love and kindness. Sow happiness to reap happiness. Trust me if one of your friend didn't return your affection, you will get it in abundance from another friend. So don't stop being kind. If a situation arises for you to be unkind to some one, then the best option is to move away from that situation.

Let us sow love. This world is in need of it.

Luv u all

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