Monday, July 20, 2009

Removed the blog on my friends' suggestion

Shankar is a friend of mine with whom i used to hang out on weekends. He called me few minutes back and suggested me to remove the blog "Money Does Matters To Cops 1 & 2" stating that i am entering into danger zones. And that i do not have any evidence to prove that they demanded money. Only a fool would accept that he is a thief and he would commit a burglary in front of the camera. I am giving you an extract of our chat in yahoo messenger.
sankar: money does matter to cops type this in google
sankar: and see it to yourself
Uma: let it come
Uma: i don mind
Uma: every single citizen in india knows this
Uma: i didn't write/ reveal any secret
Uma: did i?
sankar: you are entering a dangerous zone
sankar: making an allegation for which u dont have single
sankar: proof to say
sankar: you can be booked under cpc
sankar: mind it... u donna their powers
sankar: on corruption
sankar: especially allegation against them
Uma: okay
Uma: but i am not going to remove
sankar: ok.... god bless you..
Uma: let me face this for every single citizen who is harassed

The other friend Nanda, who is working with an IT company, lives in Bangalore. He suggested me to remove the status in my yahoo messenger chat id. The status was the same which i had in Myspace, Hi5,Twitter,Google chat. And the status was "Looks like am going to bribe the cop today to get my license renewed". Here is the extract of our chat:
nanda : Bribing is a crime.......and advertising or publicizing this........might attract unwanted and unfavorable attention
Uma : let it be
Uma: am frustrated
Uma : and intimidated
nanda : frustrated and intimidated
nanda : hey are in india
nanda : even judges these days are intimidated by ministers
Uma : very good
Uma : let us not praise the nation
Uma : then
nanda : oh thats your opinion my dear
nanda: better pay....500..... think its beer money
nanda: or you had a cocktail at le meridien
nanda: see have been on the right side of law and procedures for so many years....hence not made my millions yet
nanda: if you are stuck......first start swimming....
nanda: once you find dry land....then u can take them to task
Uma: this is the first time am facing this kinda situation
nanda: served as a senior gazetted official for 27 years....
nanda: but was asked bribed to get her retirement papers
nanda: after i paid the man... i told him... we were from the media and the conversation is recorded
nanda: any day you are happy me will have the authorities swoop down on you.....
nanda: he must think and live in fear atleast some days in his life
nanda: read somewhere.......TALENT IS SOMETHING BUT
Uma: jus wanted you to agree that the system is not so green
nanda: be safe and take care

There is another friend Ravi, who lives in Bangalore. He has a story to say about the builder who has bribed the authorities, to not to take the case of Ravi. Ravi lost his Dadinlaw in an elevator accident. That was his new house. Dadinlaw was there for the first time to visit the new house. The elevator door opened when there was no cabin in the floor. Poor old man stepped inside and fell down from the fourth floor. He was pronounced dead when he was taken to the hospital. And to remind you, that was a newly constructed building and the Elevator was a new one. That was a working day. Both Ravi and Mrs. Ravi were at work. Ravi's mominlaw was at her house. The family has lost a member and now they are made to run from pillar to post to get justice.

Ravi also suggested me to remove the Blog post saying that this might delay the process of issuing the license.This would hinder my business too.

A friend, James, also suggested me to remove the blog saying that i am living in India and not in the other part of the earth.

Hence i have decided to remove the two blog posts. But i just want to say that they are not friends of people, as they project themselves.

Luv u all
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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hugging and Kissing Is Banned

I was also surprised when my niece, Shruti, a four and half year old, told me that hugging and kissing is banned at home. She revealed this to me when she was at my home last weekend. That was a sunny Sunday afternoon. So we stayed indoors and was having fun playing with my niece. Once i called her near me. She came near me and was staring at my eyes. I said, "Give me a hug darling". She came near and hugged me reluctantly. My sister was watching this. Shruti said,"Hugging and kissing is banned at home. So don't hug and kiss me". I looked at my sister questioningly. She said,"Yes i have told my daughter to not to allow anybody, at school or at any place, to hug and kiss her". My sister has even advised her husband to not to hug and kiss Shruti.

Hugging gives us all the wanted solace, when we are down. Hugging gives us all the courage, when we doubt our own capabilities. Hugging gives us a feel of security when we feel insecure. We hug someone to show that we care for them. Last weekend I was watching the movie "Seven Years In Tibet". This movie is based on the book written by Heinrich Harrer, his experiences in Tibet, during Second World War (between 1944 and 1951). I felt pity for the child Dalai Lama. He was living away from his family and doesn't lead a life of an ordinary child. Brad Pitt, who is playing Heinrich Harrer in the movie becomes a tutor of the Dalai Lama and get chances to be with the child Dalai Lama even in the odd hours. The child Dalai Lama was emotionally down and Heinrich Harrer gives him a gentle hug and that is when the child Dalai Lama breaks down to shed a few tears. I could feel the solace the child Dalai Lama would have received from that simple hug.

Where are we heading- If a simple hug is banned at home, and deprive the children and the future generation, of their way of showing their love for each other? What is the reason for banning a simple hug and a peck? Is our society so unsafe? Are we surrounded by dangerous species in the guise of men? My answer is "YES" for the last two questions. Have we ever read about child molestation by woman of any society? Have we ever read about children being raped, operated and dumped at their backyard, by a woman or women? Are we not living in a civilized world? Are we living in a JUNGLE called EARTH? Who is responsible for this state of affairs? Should we point our fingers at us?

Disturbed and Worried :(
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Victory For Gays, Am Proud Of My Friends

The Delhi High Court today decriminalized Homosexuality. This is good for the entire Gay community in India but bad for the cops who were harassing the community in the name of law.

There was an incidence that happened last year, which made me furious. A gay friend of mine was lured into homosexual act by a man near the Marina Beach in Chennai, one night. This man later identified himself as a policeman by showing his id card, on the same night, after the act. He then blackmailed my friend saying that he would arrest him for his act.Later, the policeman started harassing him now and then. And my friend used to give money to the policeman to either keep his mouth shut or to avoid problems at home. This is just one incident. And there are lot more that are swept under the cover.

I am glad that human rights is restored by striking the IPC 377. Every human being has the right to lead his/ her life in his/ her own way, as long as it doesn't affect a fellow human being. Am going to celebrate this victory with my gay and trans gender friends this weekend. What about you?

Luv u all
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