Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why Do Men And Women Stray?

I was 14years old when i heard that one of my Uncle was seeing another woman, while my aunt was away in her college, doing her final year Bachelor Degree in Medicine & Surgery. I thought that my Uncle has committed a sin. And I even thought that my Aunt will not let him to stay with her if she comes to know about his illicit affair. Later, i learnt that my Aunt has accepted his act of adultery terming it as "social menace". Few years later,while i was 18years old, i came to know that my Aunt was attracted towards her colleagues at work.And this time i was matured enough, to accept this act of infidelity as "normal" and not "social menace".

I think Men and Women stray for many reasons.

The first and foremost is the unfulfilled physical needs. I guess Men look at that part of the relationship as the foremost thing in their partners. Is there anybody who can refute this claim?

You can't, because men are made so. Purely because of the amount of testosterone, the sex harmone,in their body. Women have a much smaller amount of testosterone in their bodies compared to men. So, this is something to do with Science, over which no one has control. I remember that i read somewhere Men has ten times more than the testosterone of women. That explains why we find more straying men than women. And last comes the financial and emotional support.

And I guess women stray, firstly, due to the lack of emotional and financial support from their spouses. Lastly, to compensate for the sexual inadequacies in their existing relationship.

I invite you guys to share your thoughts about Straying Men & Women.

Luv u all
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