Monday, August 31, 2015

Soul Mate!

We all have greater expectations in life, in the official as well as in the personal front. Most of the times, we end up getting whatever we don't aim for. We still keep moving on striving to get what we wish and in the process some times, we get drifted like the boat in a sea storm.

Turning back and looking at the things that has happened in my life in the past ten years, it looks like a fairy tale.  I lived life differently in those ten years which I have not even dreamt of , before 2004.

Somewhere deep inside,  the search goes on and on, silently, not towards materialistic comfort, but towards a soul mate. That is what it is called as, if I am right. The search does not end that easily, it goes on and on.  It rests, may be when your life reaches the end of the road.

The wave of search travels across the borders. Find a few hearts. Then it thinks it has really found one until it realises after  a few months or years that its not the one what it looked for and then move on.

In this process there are heart breaks, sleepless nights, sorrowful days with tears rolling down and so on. Relationships are so powerful for an emotional person. It reduces the gleam in his eyes and increases the speed of ageing.

But we don't give up that easily, especially the ones who want to fight with life bravely. They keep moving on. If one door is closed, another door opens, always. Which really happens, when the eyes and other senses are kept open.

Every encounter seems to be real and long lasting but it is not. When the time comes to  move on, when the break happens, it leaves the heart with a deep scar. The heart rejoice again when it find the next soul mate, until it faces another heart break.

What do they, the soul mate, need and what does the heart that ended with this soul mate need, is always a puzzle.  The answer is yet to be found. But the beginning always looks very bright like a bright sunshine after a heavy downpour. The heart leaps in joy. But then the clouds of un certainity brings in darkness soon and the play comes to a sudden death.

Once you have started the journey of soul searching, then there is no turning back. You keep moving from one relationship to another like a migrating bird. Be in the place until the season changes and then move on to the next place. There are some native birds which do not move from place to place. They stick to a single place. Make compromises for their living.

Marriages are no longer a binding force for us, the soul searchers. We are not animals. We are not human either. We try to find a peace of mind, love, affection, care, togetherness, romance, soul partner, motherly touches etc.,  from some where or other. And that results in extra marital relationships with more complex life patterns.

Friend of Uma

( just a narration of what happened in my life)

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Priest's Humor!

There is an Aiyappan Temple next to my house. The priest used to give a speech to his followers everyday evening to a small group of devotees that gather at the temple. He uses a microphone. So that those who can't come to the temple can listen to his speech right from their houses to get enlightened on spirituality.

Few days back I happened to be at the open terrace of my house while he was giving his speech. I could hear him clearly. He was talking about the things that are offered to God by the devotees. I didn't understand how can he even take this topic to talk when the Almighty accepts whatever is offered to him with love.

He started like this. "Have you seen how the sweets and savories that are offered to God look like? I see the sweets and savories that are offered to God every day in this temple. And I see most of them are not well made."

Huh! Wasn't the sweets & savories meant for GOD and NOT for the priest!

And then he said,"Some of the kozhukattais doesn't even look like kozhukattais."

Now, this sounded more interesting to me.

He continued,"I find them having different sizes and shapes but not of kozhukattais."

I walked very near to the parapet wall to get a glimpse of the audience. But the roof was so tightly covered that I couldn't see either the priest or the devotees.

He said,"They also have holes on them."

This time, I smiled.

He then said,"They look exactly like the blouses that modern day ladies wear."

I didn't hear the audience laughing loud. But the priest enjoyed his own humor.

WHAT! WHAT was he talking about? Was he commenting on the kozhukattais or the ladies that come to the temple wearing such blouses or the ladies that he see on the road every day?

HOW could THIS speech enlighten the listeners on Spirituality?!!

May God bless him!

Luv u all

Image courtesy: Go Dakshin

Friday, August 28, 2015

Are You Sick? Do Not Consult a Pharmacist!

I am sure you will never go to a pharmacist for your next health consultation, if you are one among many who do that to avoid paying doctor fees, after reading this incident.

My neighbor had a cute dog that was the love of the whole neighborhood. Few days before, the dog fell sick. Our neighbor went to the nearby local ayurvedic pharmacist and asked for some medicine that could cure the dog. The pharmacist gave her some medicine. And my neighbor gave the medicine to the dog in the night. The next day morning wasn't a good one for the entire neighborhood. The dead dog had to be buried inside the compound wall of our neighbor. Only after a few neighbors insisted, did she reveal the name of the medicine and the pharmacist.

When the pharmacist was confronted, he accepted that he made a mistake. He said he gave the medicine that was meant for Cows.

I have seen people asking the pharmacist to suggest SOME medicine that can cure their stomach ache/ head ache/ fever/ severe cold etc. And they promptly buy the medicine that he suggest and go home. I have also seen persons asking for another alternative medicine because the one that the pharmacist suggested for them yesterday wasn't much helpful. Isn't this bad for health, in the longer run?

Lesson learned from my neighbor's experience - Pharmacists are NOT doctors. Be sensible! Be safe!

Luv u all

Friday, August 21, 2015

Life's Lessons!

Few years back, when the rest of my family had an argument with my father, he hurled filthy words at us. We were all so annoyed that we decided to not to do any favor for him. Because we thought he was not grateful for all the help he receive from us. He is 86 years old now.

So, the next day morning, while I was gathering clothes to load the washing machine, he brought his shirts and dhotis to me. Asked me,"Can you take my clothes also?".

I replied,"Wash them yourself." He returned to his room calmly.

After a few days, he left us, to stay in another house that he has built, five streets away. The situation at home turned around and I had to move in with my dad to help my youngest sister who moved in with him for some personal reasons, away from her husband. She has two sons, one  is 7 years old and another is 8 months old baby.

I go to visit my mom twice a week as well as to wash the clothes. Dad didn't buy a washing machine here. He had a maid to help him but fired her because she didn't follow his instructions.

Now, just because am staying with my dad and just because am enjoying his facilities in this house, I HAVE to be thankful to him. So, how can I show my gratitude? I have taken the responsibility of paying some bills. What else can I do for him? Wash his clothes? Yes! Definitely!

Now a days, whenever I go to my mom's house with all our clothes, I go to my dad's room voluntarily and ask him for his clothes that are to be washed. The first time when I asked him , he refused to give his clothes and said,"Let's see later. Not now."

The second time when I asked him, he said,"There are too many."

I said,"It's ok dad. Just give it to me."

He gave me four dhotis, three shirts, one bed sheet and more. :)

While I was loading the clothes in the washing machine at my mom's place, I thought about the twists and turns of life that keep teaching us lessons. I shared my thoughts with my younger sister, who is the sweet girl of dad's. She said,"True Sis! We ought to do our duty to our family members, even if we have differences of opinion. Because we all are inter-dependent and that is why we are a FAMILY. I have learned this through my own experience with my husband. I did exactly the same to my husband and later I realised my mistake. All we need is a balanced mind."

She also added,"But dad hasn't mentioned this to me till date. What a nice man he is!" Indeed, he is! Its been two months since I moved in with him.

Life is a great teacher. We all need to pause for a second to listen and learn from our own experiences. Have a good day!

Luv u all