Friday, August 21, 2015

Life's Lessons!

Few years back, when the rest of my family had an argument with my father, he hurled filthy words at us. We were all so annoyed that we decided to not to do any favor for him. Because we thought he was not grateful for all the help he receive from us. He is 86 years old now.

So, the next day morning, while I was gathering clothes to load the washing machine, he brought his shirts and dhotis to me. Asked me,"Can you take my clothes also?".

I replied,"Wash them yourself." He returned to his room calmly.

After a few days, he left us, to stay in another house that he has built, five streets away. The situation at home turned around and I had to move in with my dad to help my youngest sister who moved in with him for some personal reasons, away from her husband. She has two sons, one  is 7 years old and another is 8 months old baby.

I go to visit my mom twice a week as well as to wash the clothes. Dad didn't buy a washing machine here. He had a maid to help him but fired her because she didn't follow his instructions.

Now, just because am staying with my dad and just because am enjoying his facilities in this house, I HAVE to be thankful to him. So, how can I show my gratitude? I have taken the responsibility of paying some bills. What else can I do for him? Wash his clothes? Yes! Definitely!

Now a days, whenever I go to my mom's house with all our clothes, I go to my dad's room voluntarily and ask him for his clothes that are to be washed. The first time when I asked him , he refused to give his clothes and said,"Let's see later. Not now."

The second time when I asked him, he said,"There are too many."

I said,"It's ok dad. Just give it to me."

He gave me four dhotis, three shirts, one bed sheet and more. :)

While I was loading the clothes in the washing machine at my mom's place, I thought about the twists and turns of life that keep teaching us lessons. I shared my thoughts with my younger sister, who is the sweet girl of dad's. She said,"True Sis! We ought to do our duty to our family members, even if we have differences of opinion. Because we all are inter-dependent and that is why we are a FAMILY. I have learned this through my own experience with my husband. I did exactly the same to my husband and later I realised my mistake. All we need is a balanced mind."

She also added,"But dad hasn't mentioned this to me till date. What a nice man he is!" Indeed, he is! Its been two months since I moved in with him.

Life is a great teacher. We all need to pause for a second to listen and learn from our own experiences. Have a good day!

Luv u all