Friday, August 28, 2015

Are You Sick? Do Not Consult a Pharmacist!

I am sure you will never go to a pharmacist for your next health consultation, if you are one among many who do that to avoid paying doctor fees, after reading this incident.

My neighbor had a cute dog that was the love of the whole neighborhood. Few days before, the dog fell sick. Our neighbor went to the nearby local ayurvedic pharmacist and asked for some medicine that could cure the dog. The pharmacist gave her some medicine. And my neighbor gave the medicine to the dog in the night. The next day morning wasn't a good one for the entire neighborhood. The dead dog had to be buried inside the compound wall of our neighbor. Only after a few neighbors insisted, did she reveal the name of the medicine and the pharmacist.

When the pharmacist was confronted, he accepted that he made a mistake. He said he gave the medicine that was meant for Cows.

I have seen people asking the pharmacist to suggest SOME medicine that can cure their stomach ache/ head ache/ fever/ severe cold etc. And they promptly buy the medicine that he suggest and go home. I have also seen persons asking for another alternative medicine because the one that the pharmacist suggested for them yesterday wasn't much helpful. Isn't this bad for health, in the longer run?

Lesson learned from my neighbor's experience - Pharmacists are NOT doctors. Be sensible! Be safe!

Luv u all