Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ah! for the sake of sex!

Kamu was courting his wife for 3 years, before marriage. They have got a cute little baby boy who celebrated his first birthday last month. There were many instances when Kamu used to lament about his bad decision of marriage - so called LOVE MARRIAGE after loving the person for 3 years.

John's was an arranged one. He has a daughter who is 4 and a half years old. Married for 5 years. He cried on my shoulder for having got married.

So did Sankar, Madhu, Ganesh and the list go on.

Is marriage a necessity? Why do we think that people who love each other should get married? Why should we marry at all? Why should we even think about marrying a person about whom we don't know anything except their physical appearance, which would fade away after a few years? If you are an Indian from a very conservative family, you will understand how things work at home as far as marriage is concerned.

Do you think that marriage will save people from AIDS, STD etc? This is what my elders say about marriage. When a man has sex with just one woman, throughout his lifetime, then he can be saved from sexual diseases.

Would we have less number of single parents if people get married? No. I have seen many divorcees and legally separated single parents.

Why would people who got divorced for the first time, think about marrying again? Sex - YESSSS!

Is it sex that drives the singles to think about marrying, even a stranger? Do they think that there would always be one in the reserve on the bed whenever they want it? I think sex plays a major role in any marriage. I know many of my friends who thought that they would have a blast on bed, whenever they wanted to, if they get married. But later they actually had to work hard to achieve their goals at home or outside.

I want the married as well as singles to post their comments in favour of their views.

Come on guys, I know that you are all struggling out there in the field. Use this chance to vent your feelings. lol.

Luv u all
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