Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Felt Romantic Looking at the The Silver Disc

The silver disc with all its shininess around it in the dark sky was looking so beautiful that I felt grateful to have got a pair of eyes. The semi-dark open terrace above the two floors of that building gave me a sense of relief from the four walls of my office. It was wonderful to watch the waves rushing back and forth carrying the moon’s reflection. The reflection pulled me to go near to the beach to cherish the natural beauty and wet my feet. I saw little crabs crawling hurriedly back to the water after being washed ashore by the waves. 

It was fun to watch the huge waves hitting my legs and running back to join the next wave that is rushing to touch my feet. It was jolly good to hold hands to support each other to avoid the fall when strong waves caught us unaware while we were watching the crabs. The crabs looked like tiny stars swimming in the sands. 

We shared adult jokes, shared funny things that happened in our life, discussed life and many things that matter. The ride back home was romantic with my friend. I was very much comfortable with him, this being the first time he took me out. 

I love riding fast on a bike and I asked my friend to go faster so that I can enjoy the breeze hitting my face and my body. Thanks to my friend who took me for a long bike ride to my favourite spot on the long beach bordering my City. That was a great relief after a week’s hard work. Hope you guys had a great weekend too. See you all soon with a new story.

Luv u all
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