Monday, February 9, 2015

PISASU with a handsome stranger - Vacation 2014 - Bangalore

It was Christmas holidays, so my princess was staying back at home. It's always fun at home when kids are around, as long as they listen to us. Ash, was a very obedient and sweet girl. She and Santhu went to participate in one of her friend's Birthday celebration in the neighborhood. Santhu said she danced in the party merrily. Sadly Santhu couldn't record it, because she left her mobile at home.

Afternoon was our appointment with the PISASU, the Tamil movie directed by, Mysskin, one of the most admired directors, by the present younger generation, in the Tamil film industry. The movie had all the interesting features such as comedy, suspense, thrill, action and romance. I enjoyed watching the movie in Gopalan Cinemas in Bannerghata Road.

A Handsome Stranger

We had three seats reserved for us, the adults. Ash had to be carried on either Kamesh's or Santhu's lap. When we found our way to our seats, I saw that our seats were in the middle of a row that had approximately ten to fifteen seats. There were four unoccupied seats. A handsome young man was sitting next to the third vacant seat. I know Kamesh would decide to occupy a seat, so that he could sit next to a man. So that either Santhu or myself could sit comfortably without worrying about being seated next to a stranger. But what would he do, if the other vacant seat is going to be occupied by a man?

I didn't leave either Santhu or Kamesh to tackle the situation. I went straight to sit next to a handsome stranger. Santhu sat next to me. Kamesh sat next to Santhu and carried Ash on his lap.

I looked at the stranger, only when I went to sit next to him. I have to admit that I was attracted to him. He looked nice. I had to calm myself and had to stop myself from turning towards him to take another look. I didn't want him to find that I was attracted to him. Because I knew I have to sit next to him for another two and a half hours. I knew I have to share the same arm rest of the chair. I knew I have to be very careful that my knees don't touch his knees when I sit comfortably. I knew I have to make myself as comfortable as possible without sending any wrong signals. I have the habit of squatting on the seat while watching a movie in a movie theatre. But this time, I had to force myself to not to do that while watching the movie for two and a half hours. It was tough but I succeeded. I was very decent. LOL!

Our lunch was Pizza in a Pizza Corner in the same mall. The last time I had a Pizza was on Sep 20,2012, my birthday. One of my close friend, with whom I spent the day, bought a Pizza to celebrate my birthday. I don't eat junk food. I learned that day, that Santhu loves junk food. But that's okay. She is still young. :)

Luv u all