Monday, February 2, 2015

My Hosts and The Twits - Vacation 2014 - Bangalore

Friends For Life: My Hosts

I felt so happy to see one of my best friend's family. I met his beautiful wife and his gorgeous daughter for the first time that afternoon. Oh my! I must admit that Santhu made me feel that we have been friends for years. She was so nice to me. I got another sister in this life. I feel very thankful for the love she showered on me.

Santhu's Love

The day I arrived in Bangalore was very very cold. I was not used to such a cold weather, that I was literally shivering. She didn't hesitate to lend me the bed sheet, that was presented to her by Kamesh during their honeymoon, to cover me. She offered a new bed sheet to me that first night. I refused to use it saying that, that was new. I used an old one. When I went to bed the next night, the new bed sheet was lying over my pillow with a new bed spread on my bed. I was so touched with her love that my eyes were moist with tears. The cold weather, the water and the food left my throat sore. I was suffering from severe cold. When she looked at me and saw me suffering from sore throat, she readily offered me to give me a bottle of hot water. I used it for dinner and she again gave me a bottle of hot water when I retired to bed that night.

She took such a personal care of me, that she reminded me of my dear sister, who always make it a point to take a cue from my facial expressions and other body languages to take care of my every need. I love my friends' family. :)

Kamesh, Santhu and Ashwi

Kamesh, my dear friend

Kamesh is very fond of watching movies, reading and writing stories and watching stage plays. He is an aspiring story writer /script writer/editor. I wish him all the best.

Kamesh had the ticket booked for the stage play 'TheTwits' at Jagriti Theatre  on the evening I arrived in Bangalore.

Ashwini, my adorable princess

We call Ashwini as Ash with love. She is young and smart enough to understand and speak in English. Isn't she looking like a princess? I adore her. She is such a lovely child. She liked the pink dress so much that she told her mom, Santhu to stitch a dress for her in the same fashion. 

Just as any loving mom would do, Santhu bought clothes to stitch a dress for Ash. Santhu is learning sewing. This is how Ash looked at me when I told her to look at my Iphone camera. We were on the way to the Jagriti Theatre. 

An evening with 'The Twits'


That is Mrs.Twits with her dirty, entangled hair and my princess, Ash, in her favorite pink dress. She really enjoyed watching the show. The play was enacted very nicely by the kids. After watching the stage show, she couldn't stop herself from chanting 'roly poly, roly poly'. She watched the 'The Twits' cartoon play on youtube endlessly, on her dad's laptop, after we returned from the Theatre until she went to bed.

Luv u all