Friday, February 13, 2015

Lake View Holiday Home - Vacation 2014 - Bangalore

I always wished and dreamed of taking a break in a place where there is more nature and less people. I love to live with nature. No, I am not talking about living in a forest. Though I love adventure.

My dreams are
  • to wake up listening to the chirping of the birds and to the bright sun light shining through my window
  • to be invited by the greenness, colorful birds and flowers in my backyard early morning
  • to watch the mother birds and other parent animals feeding their little ones
  • to take a long walk when the sun is slowly raising from the horizon, feeling the cool breeze on my cheeks
  • to laze around or lie in the backyard basking in the afternoon sun
  • to take a long walk in the evening to watch the birds flying back to their nests
  • to lie in the open terrace in the night, to count the stars and to watch the movements of the clouds over the moon
  • to walk in the woods after rainfall
  • to sit on top of a mountain to get the feel of the air and to look at the surrounding land, lake and water beneath the mountain
  • to scuba dive and touch the underwater animals and plants (am yet to learn swimming)
  • to climb a mountain on a horse
  • and many more
I made it a point to spend a few days with nature this vacation in 2014. I chose a service apartment of a friend of mine, which is near to a very large lake in Bangalore, the Jakkur Lake.  The view of the lake is beautiful from the windows, front patio and side patio of the first floor of the house.

So, if you are looking for a place
  • to watch ducks swim lazily
  • to watch little ripples of water on the lake day and night
  • to watch the colorful sunset behind the lake
Below is the view of the sun set from the side sit out of the first floor. It was such a pleasant feeling to look at the ever changing colors of the sky and the yellow ball of fire going down behind the trees.


  • to watch Emu and other birds roaming around your neighborhood

    • to watch the beautiful sunrise from your front patio
  • I am sure you will love this view of Sunrise from the window of the large hall

    • to taste the wine with your partner sitting on the side sit out enjoying the cool breeze from the lake
    • to unwind in a large living room on comfortable couches
    • to chit chat with your partner without interruptions from the barking stray dogs
    • to sleep peacefully sans your loud mouthed neighbors 

    then I recommend you, to call my dear and long time friend and cousin, Vijayan to book the holiday home for you. I also suggest, you should let Vijayan cook lunch or dinner for you. Because he is a great Chef. I literally drank many cups of Sambar that he made for lunch. And the Chappathi's that he prepared were soft and tasty. Rest assured that he has kept the kitchen clean and very hygienic. He also write posts occasionally for this blog. 

    Luv u all