Monday, February 10, 2014

Social Behavior - What Is It?

Yesterday, being a Sunday afternoon, our whole neighborhood was quiet and sleepy.

I was having my lunch. My mom was reading a Tamil magazine. And my brother was watching TV. Suddenly we heard a roar of laughter from a man, in front of our house. I went and peeped through the window. There were three men in their forties, on their bikes standing outside the compound wall of the opposite house. They were talking and laughing in a much louder voice, that my elderly sick dad's sleep was disturbed. I am sure other elderly people in the neighborhood was also disturbed.

My mom went out and said, "Hello, can you please talk softly? You are talking in a louder voice."

The man who laughed replied,"We are standing in the street."

My mom said,"Of course you are standing in the street. Do you mean that you WILL talk loudly if you stand in the street?"

Another man asked,"Why don't you even let us to talk?"

My mom replied,"I didn't ask you to not to talk. I only asked you to talk softly. The entire neighborhood is calm and quiet. So, please talk softly and don't disturb the quietness."

They turned their faces away and my mom came back inside the house.

I was wondering if these grown up men don't know about good social behavior, what would they teach to their children and other youngsters about good behaviors and good habits?

Alas! we talk endlessly about the deteriorating behavior of younger generation. The fault lies with these older generation who raises those youngsters.

Have you ever experienced or come across older generation that don't know what a responsible social behavior is? Looking forward to read your experiences.

Luv u all