Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's Quite Normal!

Yesterday morning, we found the half a litre of empty Milk packet on the ground and the neighbor's cat was feeding on the poured Milk near the gate.This morning, the teenager who supply milk door to door, dropped half a litre of Milk packet on the floor instead of dropping it inside the cloth bag that we have hung on the outer gate. My mom who saw this from the kitchen waited for the boy to put it back inside the bag. He walked away leaving the Milk packet on the ground near the gate.

My mom came out, called him and asked him,"Why did you drop it outside the bag?"

He replied,"Its quite normal, that it slips out of my hand and fall on the floor".

We didn't expect this reply from that kid. He didn't feel sorry for whatever has happened. He didn't feel that he is responsible for his own actions. He didn't realize that the milk packet was dropped down because of his carelessness.

My mom said, "You dropped a packet yesterday also and one half a litre packet was empty when I came out to collect the milk packets from the bag. You call it as 'normal'?"

The kid stood there without uttering a word. My mom picked up the milk packet from the floor and showed him the damaged part. The milk was leaking outside, from the packet. He looked at my mom and said, "I can replace that packet for you, if you want me to".

My mom said,"No, I don't want any replacement. But the answer that you gave was not a very responsible one. I am going to talk to your employer."

If this kid is going to grow up to become an employer after a few years, how (pathetic) would be the situation of the customers? If this kid is going to raise kids, after he become a dad, how (bad) would the future generation be, for the society to function "normal"ly?

This kid need some lessons on personal responsibility and MORE. We hope his employer, the lady who has hired this kid, will educate him.

Luv u all