Thursday, February 6, 2014

Personal Development - What Is It?

Do you know the rule of the road in India? It is LHT - Left Hand Traffic.

It was a cool and pleasant early morning. I started to jog from my home on the left side of the street. When I reached the main road from my street, I saw a group of three men walking towards me. I expected them to move away while I was nearing them. They didn't move but was proceeding towards me. I stopped jogging. Pointed the other side of the road and said that, that was their side of walk. They didn't stop walking. One among the group turned towards me and said, "No, no. You are wrong". My first thought was to call them back and educate them about the rule of the road. On second thought, I changed my mind because the one who answered sounded arrogant and angry. I completed my first round. In the second round, I saw them at the other end of the road walking towards me, again, on my left. I realized that they were up to something. I didn't want to waste my time or spoil my happy mood by getting into an argument with them. I took diversion and entered the near by foot ball ground. I completed my third round and was walking towards my home. I was tired and was looking down while I was walking. I saw a foot nearing me from the opposite direction. I stopped abruptly to wait for the person to pass by. I walked back towards my home without looking back. Surprisingly, I was calm and composed. His act of stupidity didn't ignite me. I felt that I have grown up to become a much better, organized and calm person compared to my younger days. 

How did that CHANGE happen?

What could be the reason behind my calmness? Is it because I made peace within myself? Or is it because life has taught me that I AM responsible for my reaction to any happenings around the world? Or have I learned to not to yield to teasing and bullying? Or is it because I understand that those men didn't come there to improve their health but to while-away their time watching birds? Or is it because I understand that some men don't like to be instructed by a woman? Or is it because I know that some men don't like to listen to others, especially to women? Or is it because I understand that some men are proud of being a MAN? 

I feel understanding to react and not to react as well as the way we react, is the sign of growing. What made me to become a better person? I am passionate about reading books on personal development and interpersonal relationship. The one that am reading now is, You,Inc written by one of my client, Rosie Bank, a successful network marketer, speaker, author and a coach. Though the book is written to guide network marketers to become a success in their business, I found that much is written about personal development and interpersonal relationship. 

Talking about the books that inspired me, I have to mention that "Veronica Decides To Die" and the "Witch of Portobello" written by Paulo Coelho taught me to change the outlook of life and spirituality. No, am not a spiritual person. I am in that stage of life, where people question the existence of God. I have passed the stage of believing in God without questioning. Now I am learning to find reasons to a question - Why man created God?

I also watch videos on personal development. The one video that I watched talk about "Anger". This video says, when we are angry, we are not angry with the other person. Instead, we are angry with ourselves, for being in that bad situation.  

Watch the video, if you are also interested to know about anger management.

What books and videos inspired you? Do you think reading good books inspire us to become a better person? How would you have reacted with those men in that situation?

Luv u all