Thursday, July 2, 2009

Victory For Gays, Am Proud Of My Friends

The Delhi High Court today decriminalized Homosexuality. This is good for the entire Gay community in India but bad for the cops who were harassing the community in the name of law.

There was an incidence that happened last year, which made me furious. A gay friend of mine was lured into homosexual act by a man near the Marina Beach in Chennai, one night. This man later identified himself as a policeman by showing his id card, on the same night, after the act. He then blackmailed my friend saying that he would arrest him for his act.Later, the policeman started harassing him now and then. And my friend used to give money to the policeman to either keep his mouth shut or to avoid problems at home. This is just one incident. And there are lot more that are swept under the cover.

I am glad that human rights is restored by striking the IPC 377. Every human being has the right to lead his/ her life in his/ her own way, as long as it doesn't affect a fellow human being. Am going to celebrate this victory with my gay and trans gender friends this weekend. What about you?

Luv u all
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