Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Looking Good is Feeling Good

Everyone of us would love to look good. Everybody would love to look at the mirror and say "Wow! You are looking good baby".

Do you always think about choosing the dresses that show your curves and hide the bulge? I understand how hard would that be to choose a dress that conceal the tummy. Because i have gone through it.

But not any more. Want to know the reason? I work out regularly to enjoy the shopping and gain compliments from my friends as well as family. Not everyone of us find time to go to gym. But we could still spend some time for ourselves every morning. Start spending just 30mnts. Start walking around the streets. A brisk walk for 30minutes on day 1, would leave you with lot of sweat and heavy breathing. But you would feel refreshed the whole day until you hit the bed. Just give it a try tomorrow morning. Put your shoes and start walking.

You would tend to sleep the next day morning thinking that you can go to walk the next day. Resist that temptation to sleep. Wake up and go for a walk again for 30minutes on day2. Continue for 21days without taking a break for a day. You would feel pepped up with a whole new experience of gaining lot of energy.

Breathing fresh air in the morning will do good for your health and mind. Looking at the fellow men walking, jogging and playing would give you lot of enthusiasm. You would find yourself walking for almost an hour on day21. I bet you would see the change in your body too. I can assure you that walking early in the morning, would become a habit. Now its time to Jog on day22. Jogging is running slowly.You don't have to run like a runner, who is going to win the 100mts race. Running slowly everyday for almost 45minutes would help to reduce the fat easily.

Get a pair of jogging shoes, a loose shirt and a loose shorts. Choose the dresses that absorb the sweat. So that, you don't feel the dresses sticking to your body and leaving you with sense of discomfort. Choose a path which is flat. Avoid Tar roads. Avoid paths with too many curves. Avoid roads with more traffic. Avoid paths which is frequented by walkers. They wont let you jog peacefully. They annoy me sometimes by taking the entire width of the street to their possession.

Breathing heavily, sweating profusely, envious stares - relish the moments. And find yourself with full of energy and lot of confidence in yourselves.

I jog too, everyday morning at 6am near the football ground. See you all there. Happy Jogging friends. Lets look GOOD and feel GOOD of ourselves.

Luv u all
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