Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Freelancer's Feedback

Are you looking for a trustworthy, sincere freelancer,who can help you complete your work sooner than you anticipated? The time difference between the places across the globe and the amazing internet technology help us to complete one's work overnight, which would normally take a day's time.

Please do write to me, if you are in need of a freelancer.

And am sure, the feedback that i received from my former clients speaks for the quality of my service.

Project Name:Online Research

Client's Name: Karen Waksman

Job: To search for the events within 50 miles of San Francisco, California and put the following details in a excel file.

1) Title of Event
2) Quick description of event
3) website link
4) Date of event
5) Cost of event
6) Contact info for event

Feedback that i received from Karen:
Uma did a great job! I would definitely recommend!

Project Name:Keyword Filtering

Client's Name: Mark Peysha

Job: To search for the relevant keywords using Adwords keyword tool and update the excel file.

Feedback that i received from Mark Peysha:
Uma has some of the best communication skills and professional standards I have seen. Period. Highly recommended.

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Waiting eagerly to help you.

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