Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pigs & Piglets Populate The Earth

I had little pain in my lower abdomen and went to a gynecologist for a consultation. She was an elderly person and was well poised.

She asked me,"What is your age, Uma?"
I said,"I am 42years old, Mam."
She asked me,"How many kids do you have?"
I said,"Zero" and smiled at her.
She looked at me surprisingly and said,"Why not?"
I said,"We guys don't have a good understanding between us, so I have decided to not to have kids."
She said,"Intelligent people like you make wise decisions."
And she added after a pause,"But the families that neither have a good financial stability nor good understanding between the partners are breeding like pigs and the world is thickly populated with that type of pigs and piglets". That comment should have made me to ponder over her words. Instead I just laughed at her comment.

It was the "Festival of Harvest" here and a National Holiday. People had made it a custom to throng the beach to just to play with the waves and gulp those snacks prepared in an unhygienic environment, in that particular day. I worked on that day, since I had some pending works to be completed. The regular Bus that I used to get was little late that day and I guessed the reason for it. I got into the bus and to my surprise, the Bus was so crowded with little ones with dirty clothes, that I hardly found a place to stand. I didn't expect this crowd to board the last bus of that day. Their mothers were calling names to see that their kids don't fall asleep. The kids were very tired and were feeling drowsy. It was 10.15pm. I could see the kids were irritated and so was their parents. I suddenly realized how true are the Doctor's words.

A girl, who would barely be 25 or 26 was pregnant. She was carrying a kid on her shoulder. She also saw that another kid who was standing next to her was safe.I am sure that these children will not be getting good care at home,where the first lesson of life is learnt. They will not be brought up in a good manner by their parents because their parents will be more worried about feeding them than to educate them about other things in life. The land is being populated by the pigs and the piglets. Imagine the future of Earth.

I was looking for the educated public that I travel along with, everyday and alas! I found them in a state of shock, just like me.

Luv u all
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