Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some one has to be shot to learn lessons

Yesterday night, at 9.30pm, while I was waiting for the city bus in the bus stop, a police woman appeared from nowhere and started shouting and shooing us to get into the bus shelter from the road. She started shooing the public as though she would shoo away the cattle. The bus stop was crowded and inspite of that we got into the bus shelter and it was overflowing. She wasn't satisfied and started saying, "move, move, move". This is the scene that happens in our country whenever a politician or a VIP passes the route. The buses and the vehicles are not allowed to ply on the route.We always get treated like slaves and no one bothers to question this kind of treatment meted out to us, including myself. An old man, gathered some courage and told her that there is no enough space inside the shelter for such a big crowd. She was not convinced. She pointed towards her temple and said, "seriously speaking, none of you have anything here". An old cyclist was asked to get down and walk on the road. But the cyclist didn't care to obey her order and rode away as slowly as he could. She just couldn't stand this act of his. She said,"some one has to be shot and killed, only then you people will learn lessons". Frankly speaking I don't know whether she meant the politician that crossed that route or the people who were waiting for the bus as "some one". A person got a call and he tried to attend his mobile phone. She shouted,"Hey, put your mobile in your pocket. Don't get down. You Bull". That was an unwarranted comment.

She was so young that she could only be a police trainee, but was acting like a rowdy. I wonder what would happen to us, if she becomes a senior police person some day and forget to differentiate between harmless citizens and terrorists. Long live Indian Democracy.

Luv u all
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