Monday, January 3, 2011

The school bus was missing

My 5 year old niece, Shruthi, used to travel by the school bus every day. And there were days when the school bus arrived late to the bus stop in the morning to pick her up as well as late in the evening to drop her back. My sister was, once so panicked that she made umpteen number of calls to the school to find out the reason for the delay and all they could answer was the School Bus left the school on time.She had the mobile number of the School Bus driver. She called him thrice, but her calls were not picked up. She didn't want to make more calls to the driver's mobile, because she thought that would distract him, if he was driving the vehicle.

There could be many reason for this delay such as:

An unexpected traffic diversion from the usual route.
The sudden increase in the traffic because of a traffic diversion in another Route.
A snag in the Bus.
Bus met with an accident.
The class was dispersed late.
The Bus Driver had to take a sick student to the hospital etc.,

A solution should be found to inform the concerned authorities as well as the parents about the delay or even about the whereabouts of the bus. There should be a tracking system, by which both the school and the parents are informed about the arrival,departure and the place where the bus is traveling. 

I told this to a friend and he showed me a tool kit. I found this tool kit very useful. This kit helps parents and schools to enjoy a convenient, collaborative and optimized school transportation system.

For Parents, the "Real-time School bus position SMS", provides anxiety-free, convenient option and enhances the trust on school and value the school's drive for excellence.

The tracking features and fleet management tools provide the schools with an opportunity to optimize routes reduce operational cost and improve the School bus safety Manifolds.

Schools should use this toolkit and increase the safety of the students as well as reduce the anxiety of the parents.

I have written more on the tool kit here. Write to me, if you want to know more about this kit. I would be happy to share more information on this kit. Happy Parenting.

Luv u all
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