Thursday, January 27, 2011

Children of God

People in Chennai knows about the size of the seats in an "express" bus. It is called as "luxury bus" and commuters are charged more for the sake of the name. In fact the luxury bus is very less comfortable than the other ordinary buses. There is very less leg space between the row of seats. Standing passengers has to jump up to catch hold of the overhead rod to balance themselves when a sudden brake is applied. The double seats that are meant for two people to sit is so small, that both the seated passengers has to squeeze themselves.The other night, while I was returning home I happened to sit near a middle aged woman. She was talking about "Christ" and the "children of god" to the other woman who was sitting at the back seat.  She was gossiping about the other persons who were working in the Christian Organization. She said,"they claim that they are children of god, but they don't live up to their words". I waited for ten minutes, she was sitting in the same position and left very little space for me to sit. I lost patience and requested the lady to move a bit. She looked at me angrily and said,"There is no space to move" and said,"This is all the space I can leave for you". She was still turning back and was occupying three fourth of the seat. I wondered whether she was one of the "children of god".

Luv u all
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