Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why Am I Interested in Men?

There was a new friend request from some one, to my facebook account, who was very curious to know the reason for my interest in Men. LOL.

I only accept friend request from those, who have a profile San those half naked women pics. I also don't add the persons, who doesn't have their photograph in their profile. I term them as COWARDS.  Because they don't have the courage to let the whole world know whoever they are.

This person added me and started chatting with me in my gmail id. The first personal question he asked was,"Why have you mentioned that you are interested in Men in your FB profile?". I just couldn't help myself laughing at him.

The two options that are available in Facebook are "Men" and "Women" in the 'Interested' section of the Profile under the "Basic Information tab". I thought selecting "Women" would term me as a lesbian. Because I have quite a few Gay friends in my Friend's list. And I also thought that would make people to think that I am a trans-gender, because I had a very close trans-gender friend in my FB friends list.

But the main reason for having not chosen is that - My experience with women (Indian Women) friends has taught me to not to believe them. Because they don't dare to open their true selves to the society. Instead they prefer to live by hiding their true self and pretend to be whatever they are not, throughout their life, living their life for others and not for themselves.

Are Men true to themselves? Nope, they are not. But I chose this option, because I found that they stand up to their belief SOMETIMES, if not often. Atleast they don't crucify others who have different beliefs and faiths, in the name of sanctity.  And yes, Its always fun with the friends of opposite sex. I am sure every female would love that, except the ones who would prefer to confine themselves within their cocoon of FAMILY. And I can bet, women could learn to lead their life more easily, in the company of men. Vice versa. Are you both listening to me?                                                  

Luv u all
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