Monday, February 21, 2011

Why Am I Not Happy? :(

Why am I not happy with my decision of taking up a job?

Is it because I  feel bad to go and work for some body else?
Is it because I have got used to work for myself since 2000?
Is it because I feel that I am taking up a position that is not a challenging one? Its a co-ordinator position that includes taking care of the entire organization's activities.
Is it because I might have to close my business?
Is it because I will loose my freedom of having been on my own for so long?
Is it because I will loose the time that I spend with my friends everyday in my own Business place?
Is it because I am taking up this job only for mom's happiness?

She wants me to "SETTLE" in life. When I asked her what did she mean by "SETTLE", she said that I must have a REGULAR income. She is a retired government employee from the Department of Telecommunication. REGULAR INCOME is a blessing to all the employees of the government organization, then as well as now.

I do agree, that a Business doesn't always promises to yield a REGULAR income, unless you have a Business that provides a service, to a larger organization, that is repetitive everyday or every month. Just like the Business my friend Shankar does, an auditing firm. He has three to four clients, who needs him to take care of their Financial activities, every month. Hence, he gets a REGULAR income every month. There was a time, I saw him upset and disappointed when he was on the verge of loosing one of his corporate clients. The lose made him to even ask his employees to look for another job within a month's time. Now, what does a REGULAR income means in his business? The same goes with a company that I am going to work with. What would happen to myself and other employees if that organization has to loose a good contract, which in turn might make them to wind up their business? Will I get a REGULAR income? How can I feel secure just because the company that am going to work with, is doing well, NOW?

I want to keep my Business running to support myself, as long as I can run it profitably. I don't want to close it.

Mom, are you listening to me? Do you remember my friends who lost their job during the recession? They were all working in a Bigger organization and was drawing REGULAR INCOME for many years, until they were asked to leave.

Luv u all
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