Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The First Social Event That Broke the Ice

That was our Director's Birthday. Ahem! Don't ask his age. Because I don't know. Now, come on, everybody has their own social media presence in the Internet World. Do your home work please. :)

I thought that I can recreate the celebration here and relive the nice moments that our employees shared together at our office.

Let us start with the cake. Chef, do you think that you might have done a better job?

His name is Peter Spackman. Okay. You got the clue to search in the Internet World to find more about him. Now is the time to take a look at the person who bears the name. I am sure the candles were told to not to fly away from the cake.

Time to sing the Birthday Song. We all sang Happy Birthday in unison and wished him another happy year ahead.

Believe me it was really really hard to blow the candles out. It needed extra effort from him.

Waiting for our VIP to take his own piece.

The next VIPs are our General Manager and the Auditor.

Come on Mr. Auditor, we don't want the Birthday expense statement now.

Completed his expenses statement, took his own piece of cake gleefully and left the rest, to us to scramble for our own piece. Our General Manager is looking at us. LOL.

To tell you the truth, the occasion really broke the ice between myself and other employees.I had a feeling that only a few employees were okay with me and others were teasing me among themselves. Because I was turning to our System-Admin for each and every information that I needed. He is a nice person and kind enough to lend me a helping hand whenever I needed one. Now, I believe that am a pal of all of the employees. We do crack jokes when we happen to be together. I look at their eyes without any reservations when I need their help.Thanks for that Birthday Celebration.

Many more Happy Returns of the day to our beloved Mr. Peter Spackman

this celebration reminded me of my own Birthday Celebration

Luv u all
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