Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lost My Workout Hours

Yeah. You read it right. I used to open my Cyber Cafe at 11.30am everyday and close it at 9.15pm every night. Though I went to bed late every night, I had the time for my work out every morning.That was the most pleasant phase of my life time.

This new job deprived me of that comfort. The working hours is 9am to 6pm. Neither do I get time in the morning nor in the evening :(.

I need to leave home at 8am to reach my office at 9am every day morning. And it becomes darker by the time I reach my home. I just couldn't go out for jogging in the dark. And I had to be content with my in-house physical exercises sans jogging and brisk walking, which I feel helps me to burn more fat.

Should I try to learn new tricks to burn those fats or reduce the accumulation of fat in my body? I thought this is going to help me and I am sure it would help you too.

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Luv u all
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