Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden is Dead. Time To Learn Lessons by India.

Osama is dead. Great. Nice to know about his death from a very reliable source - Obama, the President of United States. United States has always acted as a World Policeman. The whole world knows how it acted during the war between Iran and Iraq. Everybody knows how it showed its high handedness in the Saddam Hussain issue. The history speaks for itself. US is worried only about the list of terrorists here

And do you want to have the list of terrorists that US is waiting to be attacked?
Hafiz Saeed and a whole list of the trainees from the terrorist training camps that are being operated, at present, in the Pakistani soil.

Isn't it funny to think that the World Policeman could lay his hands on some one who  eluded police for ten years after committing the crime, but decided to wait until the trainees from the terrorist training camps graduated and are ready to attack his land? The world knows that Pakistan is the safe haven for terrorists and their organisations and their training camps. Why can't the training camps be wiped out of the world map, well before it brought out the most wanted terrorists? Should we think that US is playing games, by letting Pakistan nourishes the terrorist organizations in its     territory, to keep a check on India's growth?

If that is the case, then India should learn from US's recent attack on Osama Bin Laden. Its high time we felt ashamed of complaining about Dossiers asked by Pakistan every time we submit one in the Ajmal Kasab's case? Pakistan is an ally of terrorism, so long as it sees India as a threat to its own survival. Time to act quickly to wipe out the state sponsored terrorist groups from Pakistan. We got to do it so clandestinely that even Pakistan should be taken by surprise. Wake up India. Help yourself.

Luv u all
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