Saturday, April 16, 2016

Is This Why your husband beat you?

One of my best friends live away from her husband. The only complaint that she has against him is that he beats her. He beats her kids. He is a very angry and a very short tempered person. Otherwise he is a very nice man. All he want from her and her kids is to listen to his words, either they like it or not.

I know most of the women out there face this problem with their partners. Sometimes it would be the other partner. The wife would be determined to see that her words are heard and listened to. I guess it depends on the dominating personality.

I had an opportunity to stay with this friend for a week. I observed that she didn't bother to recycle the left over foods that laid in the fridge for two days. I asked her about this.

She said,"Oh, every morning I only think about giving fresh foods to my kids. So I keep forgetting about it."

I asked her,"What would you do now that the left overs are rotten."

She replied,"I will dispose it."

I asked her,"Does your husband approve of  wasting food now and then?"

She looked at me quietly for a full minute. I said,"Maybe this is one of the many reasons he beat you. You shouldn't waste food like this. Food is money. Nobody likes wasting food."

She said,"It is not that I do it in purpose. I want my kids to eat fresh food everyday."

I said,"You will have to plan the meals accordingly, so that you will have no (very little) left overs."

I took one look at the shelves in the kitchen. She said,"My husband used to arrange them neatly for me once in a while. But I don't follow the same arrangement. And I ask him once in three months to do the arrangement again." She paused thoughtfully.

I said,"And."

She repled,"He used to yell at me to not to make him work in the kitchen just because I find it difficult to work."

She continued,"I think I understand SOME of the reasons for his beatings. I should learn to be a better wife to him before expecting him to be a better husband to me."

Luv u all