Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Summer Activities At Home

Managing kids during Summer Holidays is very very difficult. I know all the parents and care-takers would agree with me. Keeping them engaged during holidays is a tough task, unless the elders or parents or the kids themselves are more creative.

I am so blessed with little nephews and niece because they don't bother us when we give them the drawing materials like clean notebooks, slates, chalk pieces, pencils, crayons etc

They all love drawing and painting, on the paper as well as on the computer. They use MS Paint to give life to their imagination, on the computer

Yesterday, I felt so proud of my 6year old nephew, when I saw this little art work that he has created using the pens, pencils, chalk pieces, water tubes, flying disks, erasers, Rubik cube pieces and whatever he could get hold on to.

Sharing the art work with the world. If you stumble upon this blog at any time, then please share some of your kid's creative art work here. Let us make a scrap book. :)

If this art work inspired you or your kids to try something new, then please share the art work here, in the comments below. Thanks.

Luv u all