Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Married But Complicated

40% of my male friends are in a relationship or seeing some one or seeing many. 60% of my friends are married! Of them 40% would like to declare their relationship status as MBC - Married But Complicated.

When I ventured into the private territory of marital relationship of the latter 40% of friends, I found that almost all of them wanted the relationship status to be declared as complicated. Hushhhhhhhhhhh! Don;t ask me to point out them in my Facebook friends list. Their peace will go for a toss.

I always thought that parents who have kids at home are having the most happiest relationship between them.  I was curious to know why would they want to declare their status as "Married But Complicated". So I asked these questions to them in a very casual conversations. I found that all of them are happy with their marriage because they have a son or a daughter out of the marital relationship. But confessed they would feel more happier to be a single parent than living with a 'oh-not-so-understanding' partner.

Conversation between me and my male friend

Yours Truly: Hey, Long time no see, huh!
Male Friend: Yeah, Sorry. Couldn't stay in touch with you as often as I would love to.

Y.T.: That's ok. I understand.
M.F.: Yeah! You are a very understanding friend of mine. I have hardly met anybody as understanding as you are. (Honestly, I didn't make this)

Y.T.: (Smiles) Thanks. So, How are you?
M.F.: Am doing good.

Y.T.: How is your wife and kid?
F.F.: Both are good.

Y.T.: How is work?
F.F.: Work is keeping me busy most of the days. But its okay. I spend time at home on weekends. But not all the weekends, anyway.

Y.T.: Otherwise I hope things are better at home (throw a look at him questioningly)
F.F.: Yeah! Things are ooooookayyyyyyy! But could have been better if my wife understand me better. She don't even want to listen to my side of the story, almost ALL the time!

Y.T.: I guess you are married for 16years. And you think you guys still don't have a better understanding!!?
F.F.: Was it just 16years? Oh my gosh! Why do I feel like I have lived with her for 50 years??!!

Y.T.: What do you mean?
F.F.: Life is not so good at home. My weekday's evenings are hell and weekends are even worse. I get no time to sleep peacefully, even on weekends. I get no time to talk or visit my friends.

Conversation between me and a female friend

Yours Truly: Hi, How are you doing?
Female Friend: Oh! Am good. You tell me, how are you doing? Looking much younger, huh? (I could see jealousy in her eyes)

Y.T.: I am great. Yeah, I look younger compared to you, because I color my hair and work out. I have no kids. You have a son who is doing his engineering. How is his studies?
F.F. :Studies are ok. He can manage.

Y.T.: How is your husband?
F.F.: He is good too. How is yours?

Y.T.: He is good. How is life?
F.F.: Good to see my son growing. Am proud of him that he is active in sports as well. But sad that he is acquiring the characters of his dad.

Y.T.: Like?
F.F.: Very lazy. He sleeps on Sundays till 12.00noon. Won't take bath on weekends, unless we expect any guests. Won't help me on my house chores. Won't go out to buy things for home. Started having girl friends. Talks on phone and 'Whatsapp'ing all day and night. Just like his Dad! (This was told in an angry tone)

Y.T.: May be you have to tell him that you are growing old, you need some help at home and outside.
F.F.: Yeah! What would I do, if father and son sleep on the same bed?

Conversation between you and me

You: What about you, Uma?
Y.T.: Oh! No. Not me. My relationship status is HMBS.

My 6 years old nephew's obsession with automobiles - reflects my mood! :)

You: Huh!!?
Y.T.: Happily Married But Single. LOL!

I know, I can clearly understand if you are feeling jealous of me.

Have fun people!

Luv u all

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