Thursday, May 21, 2015

15 Reasons To Say No To Marriage!

I suggest and recommend that you don't even think about marriage, if you

  1. Don't know why your elders are asking you to get married
  2. Don't know why you want to get married
  3. Are looking for ONLY sex in a marriage
  4. Want to make way to your younger siblings. It has always been that way in our Indian culture. Elders first. 
  5. Have failed in your love life and looking for a get away
  6. Want to get away from some one who is behind you for many years and begging you for your love.
  7. Are not sure what your sexual orientation is.
  8. Don't have a job that could support you and your wife, financially
  9. Are not ready yet, to accept your partner into your inner circle
  10. Are not matured enough to accept your partner for what he/she is
  11. Don't possess a healthy body and mind to carry the responsibilities of your family 
  12. Don't have the guts to stand by and fight for your partner's space/place within your family
  13. Are looking for a house keeping assistant.
  14. Are in a relationship
  15. Can't mend your ways to save the marriage
Is there another reason that you could add to this list. for not saying YES for a marriage proposal?

Luv u all

Photo by farconville