Thursday, March 26, 2015

Choosing and Testing Leggings

I was bored of wearing the traditional Salwar Kameez and wanted to change my style. So, have started wearing some short tops and leggings, from this year, 2015.

My thought was that thick and tight leggings, would last longer. So I bought this black legging from a mall in Velachery five months back. I liked it so much and wanted to keep it for my best tops, as the black bottom goes well with most of the colored tops. I found the leggings in this sorry state after the third use. Trust me, I hand washed as per the instructions that is given in the tag.

The hole can be seen in the thigh section
There are many small holes that I tried to take photos using my iPhone 4. But they were not so clearly visible in the images.So, I didn't post them here.

Another view of the hole

Washing Instructions

This shows that a tight thick leggings doesn't suit a fast woman like myself. Yeah, I walk fast. Climb up steps in the subways running two steps at a time. Climb down the steps faster than others. So, am a very active person. And I I found that I feel very comfortable with short tops and trousers than with the traditional dresses like Salwar Kameez. I don't wear sarees. I suggest you don't buy thick, tight leggings if you are an active woman like me. :)

Next time when I went to buy some dresses for myself, I bought the more stretchable, thin leggings, a blue one for my bluish green top. This time I made a point to make a note of the brand of the legging. I selected this legging from the "Attract" company. I was so impressed with the different kind of stitches that I bought three leggings. I thought these stitches are made so, so that this would withstand the wear and tears. Along with this blue, I bought brown and black leggings in the month of January 2015. Am yet to try the black legging. But I have used the blue and brown leggings many times. 

There were no washing instructions on this leggings. So, I wanted to find out which washing suits this company's leggings. I hand washed the brown legging and machine washed the blue legging. Look at the blue legging in spite of the special stitching.

Threads from the stitches
So, this means, even 'Attract" leggings have to be hand washed. "Attract" leggings suits my faster lifestyle, though. They were flexible enough to withstand my run, hop and jump. :)

I will have to try other brand leggings to see whether they can be machine washed as well as whether they would be flexible enough to withstand my fast walk, run and the hop on the stairs.I will keep you updated with the new brands. 

Luv u all