Friday, July 15, 2011


I happened to meet an ex-fighter pilot, online. He was serving the Indian Air Force before becoming a civilian pilot. He liked reading most of my blogs. In fact I quote his own words here - "if u hve any thing to discuss on aviation...i ll be of help;i would like to get more on human relations frm u". 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Are Women From Venus?

There was a friend request in facebook from a good looking lady. She had sharp features that would attract any man. I envied her secretly though I didn't let her know that in our week's conversation, online.

To my surprise, she said that she was abandoned by her husband a year ago. She had a little boy of 2 and a half years old. The boy looked healthy on cam. They made a good happy family picture on cam, san a man by her side. But it doesn't matter. I am of an opinion that there is no point in sticking together in the name of marriage if a couple have problem with one another. It is good to be separated and stay peaceful rather than being together staying peaceless. She was a freelancer too. She wrote emotional articles on human relationship. And I remember that she was even trying to find a publisher to publish her works. I started admiring her and her inner strength. She earned respect and dignity.

I thought of spending a weekend with her family.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stillbirth - Thanks, Men Are From Mars

The baby was cute and fresh. The baby smiled at me, giving me the hope of life. It gave me the feeling that I would depend on it for my happiness. But somehow I felt that the baby was going to leave me sooner. It smiled at me weakly sometimes. I felt wanted when it cried all day and night demanding my attention. Sometimes it didn't cry for days together, leaving me with a feeling of unwanted. Every time I felt happy with a new born baby, it has left me with grief and sorrow. This baby left me in two weeks time. Since I was expecting the loss, it didn't affect me much. I have learnt to take this in my stride. This is not the first baby that left me. Please don't ask me the number of babies that I have lost. Because, I have lost count. I am happy that this baby left me earlier, than to take me too far and leave me with a feeling of lost in a vast abyss.

I am here with you again, feeling unwanted.