Friday, September 23, 2011

Facebook Keeps Me Cheered Up

The Social Website that am fond of, is Facebook. Friends who knew me well, knows that I just cant make it through the day, without being on my farm in Farmville. There were days that I spent staring at my cattle and cottages proudly. Got loads of friends in my friends' list whom I don't even know. But happy to receive the generous gifts that they send me daily to my cattle and cottages. Also got new friends from all over the world, who share similar interests,
but never make an effort to find out more than that is there in their profile.

Happy to keep me updated about my friends' activities as well as my clients', that lives in different time zones. And I am sure, many would agree with this wall post of mine.

It helped me to get jobs too. How? I built Business Pages for my clients and maintain them too. Administrator of 6 Fan Pages. Quite a feather in my cap, isn't it? This is my Fan Page. Please become a fan.

The Fan Page that am busy with, right now is my Client Rosie Bank's You, Inc. If you are also an independent marketing person or looking for a homes-based job and interested in Network Marketing, then I would suggest you to check her page. You will find loads of information that will help you to become a Pro, in Network Marketing.

Luv u all
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